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Dog Training

roxanne_trainingAt the Petropolis Dog Training Obedience School, we are dedicated to creating a clear line of communication between pets and their owners. Our dog trainers are the best in the business, and are considered experts in animal behavior and obedience.

Are you looking for your own “dog whisperer?”

Our dog training methods are based on proven, healthy, and reliable techniques. We strive to instill and sustain healthy, respectful, and happy dispositions amongst all the dogs throughout all of our training programs. We believe that obedience training is essential to having a safe, happy, healthy, and well behaved dog. Our programs range from basic pet obedience to advanced competition training.

We will help you teach your pet good manners, avoid bad habits, and eliminate unacceptable behavior. We have effective solutions for common difficulties, such as

  • Jumping
  • Digging
  • Chewing
  • Aggression
  • Running Off
  • Excessive Barking
  • Potty Training Problems

Roxanne is our head trainer, and known as our local “dog whisperer.” Please call to schedule a free evaluation for dog training - (636) 537-2322.

Why our clients are calling us the best dog training available:

SIMPLY STATING THE OBVIOUS. … I had my first experience at Petropolis about 5 months ago when I enrolled my new puppy in their “Perfect Pet” training program, where she had a 3 week long boot camp. When I dropped her off for her first day of training, I was absolutely blown away with how welcoming the staff was (everyone!) My dogs absolutely love going, it doesn’t matter if its just to spend the day in camp or if they’re going to be staying overnight. I appreciate the extra effort they put forward to ensure the dogs are comfortable, and my dogs love how they spoil them! The training is also invaluable, Roxanne and Courtney did so well on teaching my dog everything I was wanting (they even managed to teach me a few things!) Courtney, on more than one occasion, went above and beyond to make sure my whole family was able to come in for classes. I have nothing negative to say, the whole staff is amazing.

Individual Evaluations

Rob Dog TrainingWe take pride in our training program because we treat dogs and owners as individuals. We take the time to determine the best way to teach your dog. Deciphering how your dog will learn best is key. What makes us unique is our knowledge and ability to apply many different methods of training. Our methods range from positive lure based training, to all types of training collars. We are not limited to one training method. Our goal is always to teach the dog to behave, so the owner will enjoy having him/her as a part of their life. The more the owners enjoy the dog, the more the dog enjoys his life. This all begins with a no cost consultation, which allows us to meet with you and your dog to discuss your goals.

Boarding Training & Day Care Training

Although all of our programs are custom designed, there are two different styles of in-kennel training. We can teach Formal Obedience or our Perfect Pet Program, which concentrates more on off leash in home pet manners. Formal Obedience is learning basic competitive exercises for people who would like to compete in obedience trials or that just enjoy the crisp, formal look. Perfect Pet Program is just that; a program designed to turn your dog into the perfect pet, one who listens and has manners.

Our programs are designed with success in mind. It is our theory that a huge part of dog training is training the owners. Support and communication with and from the owners is paramount to the success of the program. Our programs include lessons for the owners, and opportunities to participate in group programs to ensure their ability and skill. We also offer consultation services for the life of the dog.

Whether you are in need of puppy selection advice, formal obedience, pet training, trick training, socialization or behavior modification; Call to set up an appointment for your consultation and let us help you.

Perfect Pet Program

  • 3 Weeks of Day Care Training
  • 2 Private Lessons at Petropolis
  • 1 In-Home Lesson
  • 1 Grooming Introduction and Exit Bath

Week one:

  • Sit
  • Bells
  • Greeting without jumping
  • Walk on lead
  • Taking treats nicely

Week two:

  • Down (started in 1st week)
  • Come (started in 1st week)
  • Stay
  • Climb or place (started in 1st week)

Week three:

  • Stay back
  • Leave it
  • Be last
  • Wait

These programs are designed individually.

Aggression issues
These programs are designed individually.

Remote collar training
This program includes a Dogtra 1900 NCP

Flag training for pet containment systems
This program includes one in home lesson

Weekly obedience training
Each week comes with a private lesson for you to learn what your dog has been learning.

Private Lessons

At Petropolis Training Center Or Your Residence
Please call us to discuss your particular situation and wishes.

For special training needs, we may recommend a customized program. A combination of boarding training, group lessons, and private lessons may produce the best results.

To learn more about our dog training services, please call us at 636-489-0594 or email us at


Membership in our obedience classes gives you the opportunity to come to classes up to three times per week. We offer our classes on Tuesday mornings, Wednesday nights, and Saturday mornings. Group classes offer open enrollment, so you can start at any time and advance at your own pace.

We offer three levels of basic obedience and two different options for advanced obedience. Please call for your free evaluation to get started in our group program.


Our guarantee is unique in the industry. It is our goal to make your life simple. From time to time you may have a simple question and be looking for advice from our experts. You are welcome to contact a Petropolis Pet Trainer at any time to answer all of your questions during the life of your dog at no additional charge to you. Typical costs will apply if you choose to bring your pet to Petropolis for instruction.


Safety is always a priority at Petropolis. Petropolis Pet Trainers may at their sole discretion determine your pet to be a risk to other animals or dog owners. In such cases our Trainers may request your dog be removed from class. If your dog is permanently removed from class within the first 30 days after being invoiced you will be allowed to apply the full cost of your tuition toward other forms of training at Petropolis at our current cost.

Petropolis looks forward to a long and rewarding relationship with you and your dog. This guarantee exists only for the specific dog invoiced. This guarantee becomes void if at any time Petropolis no longer offers Basic Obedience Group Classes.