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Last year marked our 25th anniversary, and Petropolis has recently updated and improved our fantastic discounted activities.

At Petropolis Pet Resort, your pet can enjoy all the comforts of home, including: tuck-in services, potty walks, new gourmet treats, and a variety of playtime options spread throughout the day. Our discounted activity packages carry more value than ever to ensure your pet enjoys a healthy and fun lifestyle while with us. The health and welfare of your pet is our top priority, and appropriate levels of activity and human interaction are essential for a wonderful experience.

Our standard nightly lodging includes superior care by our loving, well trained staff, premium dog food and a minimum of three bathroom breaks – starting at $27.95 (depending on the size of your dog and the time of year). Activity packages start as low as $14.95 in addition to our lodging fees.

We are thrilled to provide your pets with fabulous activities to make for a healthy, happy stay with us. We know your pups will wag about our NEW gourmet treats made on-site by our loving staff. Our current treats feature a potato base with broth, with a variety of meats, vegetables, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can All Dogs Go To Camp?

Most can, but there are rare exceptions.  Dogs can develop bad habits being excluded from dog to dog interaction too long. In addition, some dogs are inherently over aggressive.

Bad Habits

All is not lost if your dog has developed bad social habits.  More often than not, these pets respond well with adequate training and we are happy to refer you to our training department.

Overly Aggressive Dogs

Most dogs growl or may even nip out of fear.  These pets often do well once properly exposed to Camp Petropolis.  But on rare occasions dogs can have dominant aggressive personalities.  Although neutering may help, for the safety of our staff and guests we cannot allow these dogs to interact with others.  If the aggression is limited only to other dogs we may offer individual play sessions with our staff.

We do require all male dogs participating in Camp to be neutered. All female dogs participating in Camp must be spayed or not in heat.

How Long Do Dogs Play?

Depending on which package you choose for your canine camper, guests will enjoy one to three hour-long play sessions.

Is Camp Petropolis Safe?

Our professional staff has learned from experience.  We have learned how best to introduce a new dog to their social group.  We have learned what to watch for when dogs interact and how best to supervise these pets. Most of all we have learned how happy pets can be when playing in a group.

The result is an overwhelming positive experience for our Camp guests.  But even in the best supervised environment dogs play hard.  Just like children, dogs will occasionally get minor cuts and scrapes from rough play.  Any dog can have a bad day and be a bit cranky.  Our experience has been that injuries are rare and typically minor.

Accommodations for dogs

To contact Petropolis for our current pricing list, please call us at 636-537-2322.


The Condos
(Our standard room, but still outstanding!)

Medium Condos

  • Exclusively for dogs 45 pounds and below.
  • 18 square feet two room condo
  • Raised and padded vinyl floors for cleanliness and comfort

Large Condos

  • For dogs 45 pounds and above
  • 32 square feet two room condo
  • Raised and padded vinyl floors for cleanliness and comfort

Giant Condos

  • Exclusively for dogs 100 pounds and above
  • 50 square feet two room condo
  • Raised and padded vinyl floors for cleanliness and comfort

Four Room Condo

  • Available in all Condo sizes (additional fee for single guests)
  • Great for Family pets staying together

The Ranch

  • Exclusively for dogs weighing under 10 pounds
  • A quieter, more open atmosphere
  • Trips to the corral (puppy playpens) for added fun and exercise
  • Fleece Blankets provided for all ranch guests

Our Luxury Villas (additional fee)

  • Includes all of the benefits of Camp Petroplis plus
  • Spacious private living quarters for napping
  • TV/VCR in each suite for pet related movies
  • Elevated beds and dining tables included

To learn more about our doggie day care services, please call us at 636-537-2322 or email us at