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Doggie Day Care

Petropolis is more than a pet sitter.  With a full range of activities, our Doggie Day Care staff will ensure that your dog is not only cared for, but that they also have a blast.  Two 3-hour group playtime sessions are scheduled each day along with a full menu of activities.

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Two 3-Hour Group Playtime Sessions

Monday thru Friday
Drop off as early as 7:30am
Pick up as late as 6:00pm

Doggie Day Camp Rules

  • All rules have gone to the dogs
  • All dogs are required to have a dog-gone good time-no aggressive behavior
  • Female dogs that are intact are not allowed anywhere in Petropolis if they are in heat.
  • Intact male dogs will have their temperament evaluated before allowed to join other guests (of course this is true for all visitors).
  • All dogs must be current on all vaccinations
  • All dogs must be free from parasites and other contagious diseases

Stacy Says:

  • No biting, scratching, or tail pulling
  • No pushing or shoving
  • No toilet drinking
  • No leg hiking
  • No snack snatching
  • No tattle tailing
  • No humping or dumping

My Day Camp

Meet Austin!

Hello, my name is Austin. I am a sixty-pound lab coonhound mix. Today is going to be a great day! When I woke up, my daddy asked me if I wanted to go to Doggie Day Camp at Petropolis. I immediately jumped up, wagging my tail as if to say, “Yes, oh please, YES!”

For our frequent barkers, there are punch cards available to provide an extra savings!

Customer Referral Day Care

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