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100 Dollars for 100 Dogs

100 Dollars for 100 Dogs

We at Petropolis make it a priority to highlight the good work of animal shelters and rescues in the St. Louis Area and to build relationships with these organizations. We are all animal lovers, and many of us found our own pets at local shelters. For the past few months, we have been spotlighting local shelters through our Shelter of the Month campaign. We’ve seen such success and received such positive feedback that we’ve decided to crank it up a notch.

We’re introducing our 100 Dollars for 100 Dogs campaign! We want to help 100 homeless pets from the St. Louis Area find loving forever homes, and we want to help their new families, too.

$100 for 100 Dogs

During the 100 Dollars for 100 Dogs campaign, dogs and cats adopted from participating shelters will go to their new home with a gift certificate for $50 in Petropolis services (including boarding, daycare, training, and grooming), and Petropolis will donate $50 to the shelter or rescue when you redeem your certificate.  Our goal is to help 100 dogs (and cats!) find their forever homes and open up spots in local shelters so more animals can be saved.


Pets Adopted

Participating Shelters

      * These shelters require appointments to meet their adoptable pets.

      Gateway Pet Guardians

      Gateway Pet Guardians is currently preparing for the grand opening of their new location in East St. Louis, where they will be the city’s first and only animal shelter. They house a few animals in their brick and mortar location, but most of their adoptable pets are part of their massive foster network. They also run community outreach programs to provide low-cost veterinary care. Plus, they are still feeding the stray population of East St. Louis - and going through 1,000 pounds of dog food a month to do so.

      Tenth Life

      Tenth Life Cat Rescue is a foster-based rescue with a focus on cats with special needs. They also feature about 10 to 15 of their adoptable felines in their storefront on Cherokee Street, which is open to visitors every weekend. In opening their storefront, Tenth Life works towards their goal of creating a cat haven instead of the standard shelter space. They help place special needs cats that might otherwise have been euthanized into loving, caring homes.

      Five Acres

      Five Acres Animal Shelter is the only no-kill animal shelter in St. Charles County, meaning that they never euthanize pets to make room for more. Their adoptable pets come from private citizens who can no longer care for them, animal control seizures, and overcrowded shelters across the state of Missouri. With the help of donors, volunteers, and fosters, Five Acres finds loving homes for hundreds of dogs and cats that otherwise may have been put down.

      Judy's Forgotten Jewells

      Judy's Forgotten Jewells is a private no-kill shelter in partnership with Jewell Animal Hospital. With the help of volunteers and Jewell Animal Hospital Staff, they provide love and medical care for the sick, pregnant, elderly, or otherwise "unadoptable" animals that come through their door. Judy's Forgotten Jewells acts as a home for these animals until they find their forever family.

      Speak! STL

      Speak! St. Louis is a foster-based rescue specializing in double merle Australian Shepherds and Border Collies. "Double merle" dogs occur when two dogs with merle coloring are bred together, and the condition can result in visual and auditory impairment. Though they may have special needs, double merles are still perfectly healthy dogs that can live completely normal lives. Speak! saves these dogs from irresponsible breeders and finds them loving homes where they can live full, happy lives with their new families.

      Needy Paws Rescue

      Needy Paws Rescue is a foster-based rescue focused on finding forever homes the neediest of pets in the St. Louis Area. Their adoptable pets come from high-kill animal shelters, unclaimed strays, and abandoned or surrendered pets. Thanks to their experienced volunteers, they are able to find homes for hundreds of pets every year. Needy Paws works with adopters to educate them on pet ownership and make sure their new pet is in the best possible home with a loving, caring family.

      100 Dollars for 100 Dogs

      A Shelter's Impact

      Your Impact

      Shelters and rescues save millions of homeless pets every year.

      • According to the ASPCA, approximately 6.5 million pets enter the shelter system every year in the United States.
      • Of these, about 3.3 million are dogs and 3.2 million are cats.
      • 3.2 million of these pets get adopted every year, and 1.5 million are euthanized.
      • About 23% of dogs and 31% of cats in homes across the country found their people through the shelter system.
      • Shelters not only provide an outlet to adopt pets; they also provide clinics for affordable vaccines, spays and neuters; community outreach; pet food pantries; and more!

      When you adopt a pet from a shelter, you're not just saving that pet. You're also opening up space and resources for another pet to be saved.

      • Municipal shelters are open-admission, meaning they have to take all animals that are brought to them. These are often "kill" shelters, meaning they unfortunately must sometimes euthanize animals to make space for more intakes.
      • "No kill" shelters and rescues do not euthanize animals to make space (though they might for behavioral or health reasons), and their adoptable pets are often pulled from "kill" shelters, saving an animal from euthanasia and allowing the municipal shelter to save another life.

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