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3 out of 4 dogs struggle with behavior issues. We can help.

3 out of 4 dogs struggle with behavior issues. We can help.

We can help anxious dogs

ST. LOUIS, MO. - March 10, 2020 - The other day on my morning social media rounds I saw the Scientific American headline “Three Fourths of Dogs Are Angst-Ridden—and Owners May Be Partly to Blame.” How is it that a majority of man's best friends are left struggling with anxiety or aggression?

On my drive to work, the same findings were highlighted again on the local radio morning show. The DJ commented that he wasn't at all surprised; he sees these dogs all the time. Yet in comment sections littered with frustration and on radio shows taking the finding as obvious, there is no mention of what we can do to help. Most dog owners don't even know help is out there.

Two weeks ago I met a woman with a beagle in a veterinary office. Her pup was a happy, friendly, loving dog — at least until she saw another dog. She tensed up, lunged, barked, and put on a grand show of “aggression” intended to scare away that other dog that she was scared of.

The dog's owner said this was how she always acted when she saw other dogs on leash. This same challenge is faced by countless dog owners. This same challenge can also readily be helped! But as I talked to this dog owner, she recounted that a trainer previously told her that such behavior would never change: that's just how her dog would always be. We can't change such behavior, she was told. Yes, we can!

Of course typical “obedience” or basic training will not resolve these issues. When done with a skilled force free trainer, training can build confidence and help a shy dog, but it is not the proper way to treat most fear, anxiety, or aggression problems.

Anxious, fearful, or aggressive dogs can be helped by qualified behavior specialists. Such specialists will often work with your veterinarian to design a behavioral treatment plan that can get your dog out of the troubled majority. As more dog owners find such help, we can change the numbers in the research above and earn the friendship of those we like to call mankind's best freinds.

Does your dog bark and lunge when they see other dogs? Do they panic when a delivery person comes to the door? To they cower at the vet? Do they scare away house guests? If so, find a dog behavior consultant, and find peace again.

Get help today!

For help with your dog's fear, anxiety, or aggression, contact Petropolis at (636)537-2322.

For those outside of the greater St Louis area, you can find help below:


About the Author, Dr. Jesse McClure

Dr. Jesse McClure has over 15 years of professional dog training experience and holds a PhD in neuroscience and behavior. He is spearheading the behavior department at Petropolis with the goal of helping pet owners tackle their pets' behavior problems and helping pets recover from extreme fear and anxiety.



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