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Adoptable Pets of the Month

Adoptable Pets of the Month

It’s that time of month when we introduce our Adoptable Pets of the Month from Gateway Pet Guardians! Meet our Adoptable Dog and Adoptable Cat of the Month.

Adoptable Dog of the Month

Meet Tiffanie, Our Adoptable Dog of the Month

Tiffanie is a beautiful German shepherd who needs some extra love and attention. She is definitely not a dog for beginners or first-time dog owners. Tiffanie is still learning how to function in a home, so she needs an experienced owner to train her and a canine sibling or two to show her the ropes. She has very specific needs for her new home, including a six-foot fence and a confident dog. If you’re an experienced dog owner or trainer with the time and patience for a project dog, Tiffanie just might be the pup for you. You can learn more about Tiffanie here.

Adoptable Cat of the Month

Meet Scarlett, Our Adoptable Cat of the Month

Scarlett is a sweet two-year-old cat with lots of love to give. Her foster mom says she is extremely affectionate and loves to cuddle on the couch or in bed. Scarlett also bonds very easily, and she loves anyone who takes the time to cuddle and play with her. She’s up-to-date on vaccines, spayed, microchipped, and ready to make herself at home. If Scarlett seems like the cat for you, complete an application with Gateway Pet Guardians or click here to learn more.


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