Is Dog Boarding Safe? What to Look For In a Boarding Facility

A Samoyed puppy stands at the door in a dog boarding facility.

At the right facility, boarding can be the safest option for your dog while you’re out of town. But since not all boarding facilities are the same, it’s important to do your research prior to booking.

When searching for a boarding facility for your dog, make sure it offers these things.

A Safe Dog Boarding Facility Should Offer…

Supervised Play

Play groups should never be left unattended. A staff member should be with the group at all times, and they should know how to spot concerning behaviors (like resource guarding). An unsupervised play group is a recipe for disaster, so make sure your pup will never be left unattended with other dogs.

Highly Trained Staff

Aside from knowing how to spot concerning behaviors, boarding staff must know how to redirect a dog’s attention, keep the group calm, and break up scuffles. We don’t believe in using pain or punishment with dogs, so we redirect dogs’ attention with recall games, treats, and our play features. In addition, a safe dog boarding facility will also staff someone familiar with canine first aid.

A Healthy Balance of Activity and Rest

All-day play sounds fun in theory, but it can actually get exhausting. Dogs need breaks! We break our play schedule into a morning and afternoon session, and then pups get to spend the evenings winding down in their private rooms.

Spacious, Comfortable Rooms

No one wants to leave their dog in a cramped, uncomfortable room. Ask to tour the boarding facility and see where your dog will be staying. A safe dog boarding room should have plenty of space for your dog to stretch out, get comfortable, and relax. And while no boarding space is silent, a boarding space broken into smaller bays is ideal for minimizing noise and stress.

More than anything, make sure you feel good about who you’re trusting with your dog. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and call to check in during their stay.


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