Summer Tips for Dogs: Keeping Your Pet Cool and Comfortable

Summer is here, and your furry friends are ready to have fun in the sun! But don’t forget to take the appropriate steps to protect them from the hot weather. With these easy tips, you can ensure your dog stays cool and comfortable all summer long.

Provide Plenty of Fresh Water

First things first, hydration is key. Always make sure your dog has access to fresh, cool water. Tossing in a few ice cubes can help keep the water cooler for longer. At Petropolis, we take hydration seriously. We have multiple water stations throughout our facilities, and our staff regularly checks and refills them. Your pet will never be without fresh, cool water here.

Create Shaded Areas

If your dog spends time outside, having shaded spots is essential. Use umbrellas, tarps, or build a shaded shelter to give your pup a break from the sun. At Petropolis, our play yards are equipped with plenty of shaded areas where dogs can relax and escape the direct sunlight. We ensure that outdoor playtime is both fun and safe.

Avoid Peak Heat Hours

Try to avoid outdoor activities during the peak heat of the day. Early mornings and late evenings are the best times for walks and play sessions. At Petropolis, we schedule outdoor play during these cooler parts of the day. This way, your pet can enjoy the fresh air without the risk of overheating.

Use Cooling Mats and Fans

Investing in cooling mats or vests can be a lifesaver for your dog during the hot months. These products help regulate your dog’s body temperature. At Petropolis, your dog will have a cool surface to lie on and enjoy air conditioning, making their stay safe and comfortable.

Never Leave Your Dog in a Parked Car

Leaving your dog in a parked car, even with the windows cracked, is extremely dangerous. The temperature inside a car can rise rapidly, so it’s best to avoid this altogether. Instead, leave your dog at home or, even better, bring them to Petropolis. Our air-conditioned facilities ensure a safe and comfortable environment for your pet. We monitor the temperatures closely to keep all areas cool.

Watch for Signs of Overheating

Keep an eye on your dog for signs of overheating, such as excessive panting, drooling, lethargy, or uncoordinated movements. If you notice any of these signs, move your dog to a cooler area and offer water immediately. At Petropolis, our trained staff constantly monitors pets for any signs of discomfort or overheating. Regular health checks and attentive care ensure your dog’s safety and well-being.

Provide Water Play Activities

Encouraging your dog to play in water is a fantastic way to help them cool down. Kiddie pools, sprinklers, or trips to a dog-friendly beach can provide a refreshing break from the heat. Petropolis offers the ultimate water play experiences. Canine Cove at our Chesterfield location is a dog water park complete with splash pads, shallow pools, and interactive water toys. At our St. Charles location, we have large water features that keep pets cool and entertained. Your dog will have a blast while staying cool.

Have Fun, and Stay Cool With Your Dogs All Summer Long!

Keeping your dog cool during the summer is essential for their health and happiness. By following these tips and taking advantage of the amenities at Petropolis, you can ensure your furry friend stays comfortable and enjoys the summer to the fullest. Whether at home or with us, we prioritize your pet’s well-being, making summer a fun and safe season for your beloved dogs.

For questions about overnight boarding, dog daycare, or anything else at Petropolis, give us a call at 636-537-2322 (Chesterfield) or 636-537-3634 (St. Charles).


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