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CARE STL: Shelter of the Month

CARE STL: Shelter of the Month

St. Louis, Missouri, has one of the largest animal shelter populations – and the largest stray animal population – in the country. In cities like ours, pets left on the streets, surrendered by their owners, or seized by the police find themselves in municipal shelters, many of which have high kill rates. Luckily, the city of St. Louis has CARE STL, the Center for Animal Rescue and Enrichment of St. Louis, which provides a safe place and a bright future for these homeless pets.


About CARE STL: The Center for Animal Rescue and Enrichment of St. Louis

CARE STL began in 2018 with the signing of a city contract, making them an open admission municipal shelter and giving them control over the city "pound." Unlike many municipal shelters, CARE STL strives to avoid euthanasia whenever possible. Their save rate currently sits at 96%, qualifying CARE STL as a no-kill shelter. CARE works to save all adoptable and medically-treatable animals that enter their facility, and they are getting closer to that goal with every single adoption.

Currently, CARE STL operates out of their shelter space, but they have recently started work on another location that will serve both homeless pets and the greater St. Louis community. They hope to use animals to help underserved populations through programs focused on literacy for children, job preparedness for low-income students, and rehabilitation for ex-convicts. They have partnered with Scholastic to create a program in which young children can read to shelter dogs, and they’ve partnered with Meals on Wheels to transport food and veterinary care to low-income pet owners. Through community outreach and education, CARE STL is helping create a more caring community for the city's people and pets.

If you’d like to help the animal population of St. Louis City, please consider donating to the renovation of CARE STL’s new facility or their existing shelter.

If you’d like to provide a safe, loving home for a pet in need, visit CARE STL. Meet a couple of their adoptable pets.


Meet Keegan, an Adoptable Dog at CARE STL

Keegan is a friendly, goofy two-year-old who would be a perfect fit for just about any family. He loves both people and dogs, and he makes friends easily. He loves nothing more than playing outside with his caregivers and doing tricks for his trainers. Plus, he’s already crate-trained and incredibly obedient. Watch out short documentary or visit CARE STL to get to know Keegan.


Meet Topeka, an Adoptable Dog at CARE STL

Topeka is a sweet, cuddly four-year-old with lots of love – and kisses! – to give. Though she might seem a little shy in the shelter, she comes to life as soon as she’s outside in the yard. This sweet girl needs to be in a single-dog home, so if you’re ready to become a dog owner, visit CARE STL and get to know Topeka.

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