About Petropolis Chesterfield

We’ve been serving the Chesterfield area for over 30 years, but we’re far from old-fashioned! Our Chesterfield location offers fun and enrichment for both dogs and cats and a stress-free boarding experience for pet parents.

Dog Boarding in Chesterfield

Boarding shouldn’t be boring. At Petropolis, our canine guests get to enjoy enriching play in our all-seasons outdoor pavilion and the state’s first dogs-only water park, Canine Cove. At the end of the day, they can retire to a private room for rest and relaxation.

Our standard dog boarding rooms feature two separate bays with plenty of space for one to two dogs. Our upgraded villas are in an even quieter, more private area of the hotel and each feature a webcam for 24/7 access to check in on your pup. These are perfect for siblings who prefer to room together or pups who need peace and quiet.

Cat Boarding in Chesterfield

Enrichment isn’t just for dogs. Our feline boarding guests get plenty of love and one-on-one playtime with our staff. Plus, our cats stay on the second floor far from the dogs, making for a more relaxing boarding environment.

Our standard cat boarding rooms feature four levels and a window for basking in the sunshine. Our upgraded cat boarding rooms feature twice the space and a tv screen playing aquarium footage to keep cats calm and bust boredom. These rooms are perfect for rambunctious kitties or siblings who’d prefer to room together.

Dog Daycare in Chesterfield

Let your pup play outdoors all year round! Our Chesterfield location features a heated and covered all-seasons play pavilion for safe outdoor play no matter the weather. In summer months, our pups get to enjoy Canine Cove, the state’s first dogs-only water park!

Visit Petropolis Chesterfield

Want to let your dog “test the waters” at Petropolis Chesterfield? Give us a call! Your first day of dog daycare is free!