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Dog Boarding Checklist

Dog Boarding Checklist

Once you have booked your dog’s stay at Petropolis, you can trust that they will receive the absolute best care from our team. There are a few things you should prepare before dropping your pup off at their new favorite vacation spot.

  • Ask your vet to fax your dog’s vaccine records to (636) 442-0221 or email them to We won’t be able to check your dog in until we have their records. We suggest calling the day before check-in to make sure we received them.
  • Have an emergency contact. We will ask for this information when you drop off your pup. This contact is used only in emergencies. If we have questions or need to make minor adjustments during your dog’s stay, we will contact you directly.
  • Bring your dog’s food. We want your dog’s time with us to feel as close to their time at home as possible. This means feeding them the same type and amount of food that you do. If you can, separate the food into whatever size portions you typically serve your pup. We will make sure to follow your instructions for your pet's unique diet. If you don’t wish to bring your dog’s food, we will provide some.
  • If your dog takes any medication, make sure to bring that and directions for proper dosage. As with their food, it is helpful to separate medication into daily doses.
Dog Boarding Checklist

Optional Items

  • Pack a blanket, pillow or other soft items that smell like home. This will give your dog something familiar to snuggle with and make bedtime a little cozier.
  • Don’t forget toys! Feel free to bring your dog’s favorite toys when you drop them off. We will put them in your pet’s room. (All we ask is that you do not bring tennis balls or rope toys. We know that these are many dogs’ favorites, but they can be hazardous during unsupervised play. Also, we do not allow any of our dogs to have rawhide treats or toys.)

Feel free to call us with any further questions or concerns while planning your dog’s visit or at any time during their stay. We know you would like to have your pet with you every day, but we promise we will keep them happy and safe while you are away.

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