Dog Boarding vs. Pet Sitting

The decision to invest in dog boarding vs. pet sitting can be difficult, especially if you’ve never left your pet alone before. Do your research and weigh the pros and cons before committing to either. 

Dog Boarding vs. Pet Sitting

Benefits of Boarding

More enriching. Boarding facilities offer activities and enrichment you just can’t find at home. Here at Petropolis, our boarding dogs get to play outside in our one-of-a-kind play yards, hang out with their favorite staff members, and participate in enrichment activities.

Safer. At a dog boarding facility, your pup should spend 100% of their time under direct supervision or in the safety of their private room. This leaves little room for door darting, accidental ingestion of toys, or scuffles with other dogs.

Emergency care. Unfortunately, even the safest dog daycare isn’t immune to accidents. But since many facilities staff highly-trained pet care technicians, you can trust that someone will be available to help your dog in an emergency.

Benefits of Pet Sitting

Cheaper. Leaving your dog with a friend or family member can be much more affordable than boarding. Still, you run the same risks that you would with any other pet sitter.

Better for extremely anxious dogs. If your dog is extremely anxious on car rides or in new environments, a pet sitter may be the best option. If you opt for a sitter, however, make sure they are going to care for your dog in your own home and that they get to know your dog ahead of time.

Other Things to Consider

Does your dog struggle with separation anxiety? If so, a drop-in pet sitter isn’t a good option. Instead, opt for a dog boarding facility that offers one-on-one attention as well as group play options. These will keep your pup enriched and entertained.

Will your dog require medical injections during their stay? Only trust a trained professional to administer injections. If your dog requires injections (such as insulin), ask your veterinarian if they can board your dog in their clinic or if they will suggest a skilled pet sitter.

Does your puppy require extra housetraining help? Leaving your new puppy alone for too long can disrupt the housetraining process (meaning more accidents). Find a boarding facility that offers special care for puppies, like extra one-on-one time and potty walks.

Can your dog get to know their caretakers ahead of time? Before you leave for vacation, introduce your dog to their caretakers and the environment where they’ll be staying. At Petropolis, we offer all dogs a free first day of daycare for just this purpose. We get to know our boarding pups before their stay, and they get to explore and adjust to our boarding facility prior to check-in.

Whether you decide to trust your pup with a dog boarding vs. pet sitting, make sure to do your research and prepare your dog for your departure. The more information you have about their caretakers, the more peace of mind you’ll have while you’re away.


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