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Low-Stress Dog Boarding in Chesterfield & St. Charles

Our low-stress dog boarding facilities are designed with pets’ needs in mind. Whether your pup is splashing through the play yards, snuggling with their favorite staff member, or snoozing in their private room, their comfort and well-being are our top priorities.

Stay Connected

We know you’ll miss your pup while you’re away. Don’t worry! While your dog is boarding with us, we’ll send you Pupdates with photos and videos of all the fun they’re having. Plus, we’ll call you if we think they need a change to their schedule or setup. Want even more peace of mind? Ask about a Webcam Pupgrade so you can check on your dog from anywhere in the world!

Local dog boarding in St. Charles and Chesterfield

Need to drop off your pup on the way to the airport? Our two facilities are conveniently located in the Greater St. Louis Area. Our original location is in Chesterfield right off I-64, and our new location sits just off I-70 in St. Charles.

How we keep your dog enriched

At Petropolis, we go beyond comfort. We want your pup to be enriched and engaged while they’re with us. Here’s how we keep our boarding space fun and low-stress:

  • Separate boarding bays keep noise levels down
  • Spacious rooms with cozy bedding feel like home
  • Soft music creates a relaxing atmosphere
  • Daily enrichment cuts down on excess energy
  • One-on-one interaction with our team keeps pups calm and happy

Play, relax, repeat

Even rambunctious dogs need 12 to 14 hours of sleep every day. Our dog boarding environment offers plenty of opportunities for your pup to catch an afternoon nap in the sunshine or in their private room. At night, all pups return to their rooms for dinner and the post-daycare crash (or, as we like to call it, the #PetropolisPassout). 

Dog-centric care

Your dog is the boss at Petropolis. We’ll never force them to do anything they’re uncomfortable with, and we’ll adjust their activity schedule and room setup to fit their needs. And of course we’ll keep you updated on any changes we make during their stay.

Dog boarding rooms

No matter which location you choose, your pup will get to stay in a private room with plenty of space to stretch out and relax. 

In Chesterfield, our standard dog boarding rooms are large enough for sibling pups to room together. Our upgraded “villas” are located in a separate, quieter lodging bay and come equipped with 24/7 webcams. 

In St. Charles, our standard rooms are large enough for multiple dogs and are divided into smaller bays to reduce noise and stress. Our upgraded rooms are 120 square feet and perfect for large families or pups who need extra privacy.

Dog Boarding FAQ's

With proper supervision and highly-trained staff, dog boarding can be a safe option for your pup while you’re away. Learn more about what makes our facility safe.

Pet sitting involves certain risks that you don’t have to worry about when you board your dog. Explore the pros and cons of dog boarding.

We happily board puppies as young as 12 weeks, and we offer additional activity options for young puppies to help them stay on track with housetraining.

We suggest packing your dog’s regular food, their required medication, their favorite toys, and something that smells like home. Visit our Dog Boarding Checklist for a full breakdown.

We don’t believe in breed restrictions. Instead, we evaluate all dogs on their first day of daycare. Learn more about why we don’t have breed restrictions.

Designed for dogs, tested by dogs

We’ve been serving the St. Louis Area’s pets for over 30 years, but we’re far from old-fashioned! We use Pet Empowerment techniques backed by the latest research in animal behavior to reduce stress and enrich pets through all our services.

Already Booked?

Read our Dog Boarding Checklist to make sure your pup is ready for their stay.