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Convenient Dog Daycare Near St. Louis, MO

Many of our pet owners who take advantage of Petropolis’ Dog Daycare are just like you. They worry about their dog while at work, don’t want them to be left at home alone, or they just want their furry friend to have a day of fun. At our Dog Daycare, your dog receives the optimal amount of play and rest each day. Our Dog Daycare program near St. Louis at our Chesterfield, MO facility is always supervised and provides positive social interaction with dogs that are of similar size, temperament and play style.

Canine Cove and All-Season Play Pavilion

To ensure safe, clean and comfortable play for our Dog Daycare guests we have an all-season pavilion for year-around play and a one-of-a-kind water park for dogs, Canine Cove. As the only pet resort in the Midwest with a water park, we can provide safe water play and socialization. Our facilities also provide:

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Petropolis Dog Daycare Provides Socialization and Much More

Dog Daycare at Petropolis provides a safe and convenient way for you to encourage socialization with dogs of similar size and temperament. While your dog is with us, they build socialization skills with dogs and people, which can prevent fearful and aggressive reactions when they come into contact with an unknown person or dog. Other advantages are:

Valet Service

Valet Service is available to our clients with a Daycare Punch Card. Valet runs from 6:00 am to 8:30 pm, Monday-Friday. We are conveniently located within 20 miles of the greater St. Louis area. Valet service also includes in-car drop off and pick up. Instead of dropping off or picking up your dog from our lobby, you can pull up to our building and one of our certified daycare staff will get your pet from your car. Services like these are what bring our Dog Daycare guests from all over St. Louis, Chesterfield, Ballwin, St. Charles, and other surrounding areas.

I’m thankful to have such a fun daycare and Bennie’s doctors are right next door. I know Bennie is in good hands and is given the love and attention that Steve and I give him.
Tina Randazzo

Flash at Petropolis

Safety is our Top Concern

While your dog is at Petropolis, we take extreme measures to ensure their safety. Your furry friend will be surrounded by highly-trained, loving staff, at a ratio well above industry standards. To ensure we maintain a healthy and pet safe environment, we utilize and offer:

Vaccination Requirements

The safety of our Dog Daycare guests is our first priority. A faxed copy of official records of vaccinations is required from your veterinarian’s office or delivered prior to attending daycare. We require that all pets be current on the following vaccinations:

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