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Dog Grooming

Dog Grooming In Chesterfield, MO

Choosing the right pet groomer is an extremely important decision every pet owner faces. You want to make sure your pet is comfortable, safe, and above all properly groomed. At Petropolis Pet Resort’s grooming salon we offer all the luxuries you expect from a human spa, but catered to your furry family members.

Whether your pup needs a clean up after a day of fun at our stimulating daycare, or your cat needs pampering, your pet is guaranteed to look amazing after a luxurious day at our spa.

Dog Grooming, Petropolis Pet Resort

Dog Grooming Services

Does your dog smell? Petropolis offers a variety of dog baths from a simple shampoo and dry to a premium medicated bath. Get your pet a dog haircut for that special occasion. Our dog trimmers are knowledgeable in all breed standards as well as maintenance grooms. See below for a list of our core grooming services and add-ons.

Premium Services

Priced By Breed
  • Premium Bath
  • Breed Standard Trim
  • Outline and Tidy Trim
  • Shedless Treatment
  • Full-Body Shave

Add-On Services

Priced By Unit
  • Spa Packages
  • Nail Trimming
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Medicated Baths
  • De-Matting and Brushing

Benefits of Regular Bathing & Grooming

Did you know that regular bathing and grooming for your pet leads to healthier skin and coat? Our Grooming Salon knows all the benefits of grooming, including that keeping your pet’s nails trimmed and comfortable protect both you, and your floors at home. Here are some other benefits of regular grooming:

  • Reduces the amount of hair and shedding left behind by your pet
  • Prevents potential medical problems such as hot spots, skin irritations, and ear infections
  • Saves you valuable time and energy in your busy schedule
  • Done properly, regular visits can help your pet become accustomed to the grooming experience and learn to enjoy it
Dog Grooming Pet Empowerment, Petropolis Pet Resort

Pet Empowerment And Dog Grooming

Pet Empowerment focuses on the enrichment of animals in order to promote a healthier human-pet bond. Empowered Pets are confident, independent, and have the ability to make their own choices.

The Petropolis grooming salon practices Pet Empowerment with every dog that walks through our doors. The grooming experience can be stressful at times for pets. It is our focus to minimize the stress by providing an enriching and calm environment. The last thing we want is for pets to dislike the grooming experience, so if we see a pet who is telling us "no", we will work with the owner to better condition them to the grooming experience.

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