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The grooming salon can be one of the scariest places you take your pet, but it doesn’t have to be! Our top priority is maintaining a low-stress grooming environment that keeps your pet relaxed and comfortable.

At Petropolis, pet empowerment is at the center of everything we do. Our trained grooming team creates the safest environment possible to reduce any stress or anxiety your pet may have, and our unique, enriching socialization opportunities help your dog to grow their confidence! 

We offer baths, haircuts, spa packages, nail trimming, and more! See below for full list of services. We can’t wait to spoil your pet! 

Hours of operation: 

Monday – Friday: 7:30AM – 6:00OM

Saturday – Sunday: 8:00AM – 5:00PM

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Pet Empowerment

Pet Empowerment

Our mission of practicing pet empowerment is very prevalent in the grooming salon! We never force pets to do something that scares them. Instead, we use treats, affection, and lots of patience to acclimate pets to the grooming experience. Just like every dog has a different coat type, they also have different temperaments, grooming history, and behaviors. Our groomers are trained to make each dog’s appointment entirely customized to maintain low stress throughout the process. That can mean taking things slow and at their pace, taking breaks, extra love, or extra treats! 

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(price varies depending on size and coat type) 

Premium Bath:  $51 – $115

Includes a full-body shampoo and rinse, a trim on the face and paws as needed, 10 minutes of brushing/de-matting, a nail clip/grind, cologne/perfume, and a bandana.

Spa Packages

Basic – $32
Tooth brush, facial, paw pad scrub

Shedless – $32
Extra brushing, shedless shampoo & conditioner

Mud Bath – $42
Mud bath, rejuvenating facial, tooth brush


Rejuvenating Facial – $18

Restorative Paw Balm – $6

Sac Expression – $15

Teeth Brushing – $12

Nail/Clip Grind – $22

Extra Brushing/Dematting – $6 per 5 min

Specialty Shampoo or Conditioner – $12 Each

Grooming Acclimation Classes

5 Weeks, 5 Acclimation Classes – $250

Rebooking Specials

$15 off when you book less than 4 weeks out at checkout | $10 when you book 4-6 weeks | $5 off when you book 6+ weeks

New Client Specials

Discounted first premium bath

Small (<25 lbs): $39 | Medium (26-50 lbs): $49 | Large (51-75 lbs) $59 | XL (76-100 lbs): $69 | Giant (100+ lbs): $65

$20 to add a haircut! 

*First-time grooming dogs only. May not be combined with other offers. Extra fees for dematting may apply.

Our goal is to prevent fear and anxiety while getting groomed. Instead, we show pups that it is a positive and rewarding experience! 



5 weeks, 5 sessions

The key to raising a happy, empowered pet is socialization and acclimation. By creating a relaxing and happy grooming experience, we hope to build a foundation for a lifetime of stress-free grooming visits for both you and your pet! 

It is so important that your pet is comfortable during the grooming process. Through positive reinforcement, we help pets acclimate to…

  • Bathtub
  • Blow dryers
  • Scissors & clippers
  • Nail clippers & grinders
  • Being on the trim table
  • Overall environment

We make sure to provide breaks when needed to relieve stress. With a focus on building trust with your pup, we create confidence and a long-lasting positive association with the grooming salon!

These sessions are open to dogs of all ages and begin at 8 weeks old.



If your pet is nervous, antsy, or even overly silly, we’ll slow down the grooming process to keep both them and our team safe. That might mean that your pet isn’t groomed to perfection during their first visit, but it will help ensure that their next visit runs even more smoothly. With their comfort as a priority, our grooming salon is a safe place for pets and people.

what our #PetropolisParents have to say

Gaia S
Gaia S
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We have a large breed, Great Pyrenees/Doodle mix. She is sweet and gentle in nature, but was stressing out at another groomer in town. When I read online about the positive approach at Petropolis to training and grooming and the discounted first groom, I thought it was worth a try. When we got there, I explained some of the struggles she has been having and they were more than happy to work with her. They said they would be sure to give her breaks if she needed them. WELL - when we picked her up, they said she did absolutely great!!! They also did an EXCELLENT job grooming her. She was well trimmed and her fur was super soft. We are SO grateful and relieved that we found a place to take her where she will have a good experience. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! Oh, and the staff was amazing from start to finish!
Kristin McFall
Kristin McFall
Read More
First time taking my senior dog to get groomed at Petropolis, would definitely recommend !! Very friendly and caring. Jax came home smelling nice and his nails look great, and he had on a squirrel bandana 😂
Dave Campbell
Dave Campbell
Read More
We needed our miniature Schnauzer groomed and the finished cut is the best our thirteen year old "Gretel" has received! Our groomer in Northern California is a perfectionist and she would approve of the cut too! Petropolis is a very attentive group and handle requests and inquiries in a friendly and efficient manner. Customer service may be slipping in other venues, but the Metropolis staff is stellar. Keep up the good service!

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