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Professional Dog Training in the Greater St. Louis, MO Area

Every dog is different – from their breed to their gender, their temperament to their size and even the environment in which they live. At Petropolis, we recognize these differences and understand that obedience training isn’t just about following specific commands, it’s more about the relationship between you and your pet. We want to create a customized training experience for both you and your pet. In order for us to help, we ask you to come in for our Free Dog Training Evaluation.

Free Dog Training Evaluation

All you need to get started is to sign up for one of our free dog training evaluations. This will allow you to meet with one of our training specialists where we can assess your dog’s specific needs and come up with a customized plan to reach your training goals. Because each pet is unique, the evaluation process is designed to pair you and your pet with the training method and structure that will make both of your lives easier.

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Lorrie was amazing with our girls and did a wonderful job training the puppies (and us). The girls loved going to Petropolis where they also learned how to socialize with other dogs.
Debbie Altman Raskas


Our Approach to Dog Training

At Petropolis Pet Resort, our professional dog trainers are educated in the latest advances in training. We know that to be a great trainer it takes more than a cookie cutter approach, because every dog is unique. We consider each dog’s unique personality to identify a customized approach to training your pet. All dogs can be fearful in certain situations and these fears often stifle a dog’s ability to learn. Our trainers are skilled to detect such fears and find solutions to avoid them or modify them through a unique training plan focused on empowering your pet through reward and praise.

Why Choose Petropolis Pet Resort for Dog Training?

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