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Dog Training In Chesterfield, MO

At Petropolis, we recognize that every dog is different. Therefore, our dog training programs are designed around you, your pet and their unique environment. There is more to obedience training than teaching your dog commands. Most importantly, it's also about developing a strong relationship between you and your dog. To create that positive relationship, we provide the most experienced and professional trainers in St. Louis. Our positive reinforcement dog training programs receive rave reviews. Thus, providing reassurance that our team is here to help you and your pet succeed.

All of our positive reinforcement dog training programs begin with a one-on-one free, dog training evaluation. As a result, our team is able to meet you and your dog, and discuss your goals.

Dog Training, Petropolis Pet Resort

Petropolis Dog Training Programs

Dog Obedience Training, Petropolis Pet Resort

Drop-Off Dog Training

Our drop-off dog training programs can incorporate doggy day care or lodging into the program. Therefore, making training fun for your pet and convenient for any family. Drop-off dog training is offered in various lengths from two weeks to five weeks. We can help you decide which program is best, depending on the skills you would like your pet to learn. Each day, your dog will receive one-on-one positive reinforcement training from one of our expert trainers. Furthermore, we include private lessons to transfer the skills they learn at Petropolis to home. Our training programs can help your pet succeed with basic obedience such as no jumping, walking on a leash, no pulling and listening.

Dog Group Training Class,Petropolis Pet Resort

Group Obedience Classes

Group class is a great tool for dog owners who want to be involved in the process of training their pet. At Petropolis, our positive reinforcement group obedience classes meet one to two times per week. Our classes range from beginner to advanced. You and your pet learn obedience commands while working in a group environment. This allows the dogs to practice with distractions, further reinforcing their skills. Due to this environment, group obedience classes are a great resource for dog owners who have already gone through a Petropolis training program. The continuous practice helps to reinforce the skills learned your pet has already learned.

Private Dog Training, Petropolis Pet Resort

Private Dog Training Lessons

Finally, if you are trying to figure out where to get started with positive reinforcement training, or just want a refresher on specific skills, a private lesson might be best for you. An hour-long private training lesson can cover many aspects of the training process. Our expert, Petropolis trainers can teach you a specific skill, discuss training methods, or just be a resource to enhance your dog training abilities. Private dog training lessons can be done at Petropolis or in your home environment. As a result, this gives our trainers the ability to observe your dog in their normal routine.

Pet Empowerment And Dog Training

The focus of Pet Empowerment is the enrichment of animals in order to promote a healthier human-pet bond. Empowered pets are confident, independent, and have the ability to make their own choices.

At Petropolis, our experienced dog trainers are educated in the latest advances in training. We know that to be a great trainer it takes more than a cookie cutter approach. Above all, we consider each dog’s unique personality to identify a customized and positive approach to training your pet. Our trainers are skilled at detecting fears and developing a unique training plan focused on empowering your pet through reward and praise.

Positive Reinforcement Dog Training, Positive Dog Training St. Louis
Puppy Training, Petropolis, Puppy Training St. Louis

Puppy Training and Socialization

Getting a new puppy is a fun and exciting time, but it can be hard. Our professional Petropolis team can help you and your puppy learn together.

One of the most important things you can do as a parent is socialize and train your puppy at a young age. Developing confidence and obedience skills can prevent unwanted behaviors. Puppy socialization means more than just playing with other dogs. Puppies need to be socialized to all aspects of their domesticated lives. This includes grooming, going to the vet, and riding in a car. Over the past 30 years, Petropolis has helped a lot of puppies! Take the first step by scheduling a free, one-hour training evaluation or learning more about all of our puppy services.

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