Dog Training and Obedience in Chesterfield and St. Charles

Dogs need more than physical activity to keep them healthy; they also need mental stimulation! Let your dog get their energy out while also exercising their brain with new experiences.

Our Dog Training Methods

Rewards Based

Our training creates a positive environment, free from punishment, for stress-free and pet-empowering learning.

No Punishment

We motivate and reinforce behaviors through treats, praise, and play, resulting in faster progress and happier dogs.

Builds Trust

Our methods foster a strong bond by promoting clear communication, mutual respect, and understanding, establishing trust that lasts a lifetime.


Give pets the ability to make their own choices, and feel confident. We use reward-based methods that don't create fear, and sets them up for success.

Training Membership

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Days Per Week Weekly Rate Savings


Day training ($88 value)
Private Lesson ($105 value*)
Dog Daycare ($44.95 value)

*Private lesson will take place on the first day of membership, and every five (5) days of training
Standard Pricing Value
Day Training
Private Lesson
(Every 5 Days)
Dog Daycare

Available Skills


• Entering Vehicle
• Entering Dog Room
• Intro to Equipment
• Intro to Boarding
• Intro to Group Play
• Intro to Grooming


• Loose Leash Walking
• Name Recognition
• Charging the Marker
• Engagement with Handler
• “Sit”
• “Touch”
• “Down”
• “Focus”


• Place
• Wait
• Door Manners
• Stair Manners
• Polite Greetings


• Roll Over
• Shake
• Sit Pretty
• Play Dead
• Crawl
• Bow


• Advance Leash Walking (Heel)
• Drop It
• Leave It
• Stay
• Recall
• Stand


• Counter Surfing
• Puppy Biting
• Jumping
• Barking
• Chewing


• Duration
• Distance
• Distractions
• Generalization
• Reduced Reinforcement

Daycare & Training

Daycare & Training (Day Training) offers a comprehensive program that goes beyond just taking care of your pets. One of the unique features is the skills transfer day, an extended session dedicated to training owners on effective methods to reinforce the training of their beloved furry companions. This specialized day provides an invaluable opportunity for pet owners to learn and acquire the necessary skills to actively participate in their pets’ training journey, ensuring long-lasting obedience and behavioral improvements.

Lodge & Train

Experience the ultimate dog training immersion with Petropolis Lodge and Train. Our specialized program combines comfortable lodging with expert-led training, creating a unique environment for your dog to learn and thrive. Our skilled trainers focus on positive techniques, ensuring obedience and good behavior flourish. Unwind knowing your furry friend enjoys a secure “home away from home” while mastering new skills.

Private Lessons

Enhance your pet’s potential with personalized attention through Petropolis’ Private Training Lessons. Our one-on-one sessions provide a tailored training experience, focusing on your dog’s unique needs and goals. Our experienced trainers utilize positive reinforcement techniques to address behavior challenges, obedience, and specialized skills. Whether you’re seeking to improve manners, resolve specific issues, or achieve advanced training milestones, our Private Training Lessons offer a dedicated and effective path to unleashing your dog’s abilities. Elevate your dog’s training journey today and watch them thrive under expert guidance.

Dustin Flynn
Dustin Flynn
Read More
I had a wonderful experience with Petropolis. I took my new Bernese puppy to them for 20 days worth of training and I'm very pleased with the results. All of the training staff is wonderful and you can tell they all love their jobs.
Jane Puszkar
Jane Puszkar
Read More
I dropped off my 72 lb puppy (she’s a 6 month old Great Dane) for a personality assessment and to decide where she would best fit with other dogs. She’s been to puppy camp before but this place is special. The pics I got showed her true personality and her activity when around other dogs I know that great care was taken to ensure that she had a great experience. Her smile said it all! I will definitely be back for training and totally recommend Petropolis! The staff is knowledgeable and caring!
Stefanie Albl
Stefanie Albl
Read More
At our evaluation, our questions s were answered and we felt comfortable about enrolling our puppy at Petropolis. Today was his first day and Zane did well. I was sent a video of some of his training. That’s a nice perk!
Keasha Orban
Keasha Orban
Read More
We took our covid puppy there for drop off training and he did wonderful with their all positive training. So this time we boarded him for a week and i cld tell he was having a great time by watching their live cameras outside. And he ate well!! He id a big boy so i am sure it it is less cost for smaller dogs.
Jean McCammon
Jean McCammon
Read More
We had a great experience with dog boarding at Petropolis. Everyone we had contact with was professional, and put as at ease as this was our first time boarding. He truly was in great hands. We loved their professionalism and organization, they made everything easy for us. We will definitely be back.

Dog Training FAQs

The cost of dog training programs vary depending on your dog’s skill level and your needs. See our new membership programs above for pricing, and feel free to call for more information!

The Petropolis Therapy Dog Program is designed to help teach you and your dog the skills needed to get certified through Therapy Dog International (TDI) and Canine Good Citizen. Click here to learn how to get your dog certified

The potty training process can be intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be! This is how we recommend you potty train your puppy.

It can be hard leaving your dog for a night out, or to go to work. But there are ways we can help! Call today to get started with training to help with separation anxiety.

We love going outside for a walk with our dogs, but sometimes they can be a handful without the proper leash training. Petropolis can help!

We require your dog to be up to date with the Rabies, Bordetella, and Distemper vaccines:

Ask your vet to send us your dog’s vaccine records by emailing them to [email protected].

We won’t be able to begin training without these in our system, so please be sure to contact your vet in advance.