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Canine Cove, the Only Dog Water Park in St. Louis, MO

Canine Cove, Dog Water Park

Whether your dog is staying at Petropolis overnight, or just for a couple of hours, our Canine Cove dog water park will be ready for them to enjoy! Our splash pad allows each dog to experience a stimulating, enjoyable water experience while being supervised by our trained and pet-loving team. Your pup will splash with dogs of similar size, temperament and play style, ensuring a positive social experience and engaging play time. Petropolis is truly the only pet resort in St. Louis, MO with this unique feature, allowing dogs a safe place to participate in water play.

Want your pet to start enjoying water play today? Your dog can enjoy the features of Canine Cove as soon as their first day! Your first day of doggy daycare is FREE!

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The Only Water Park for Dogs in St. Louis

Canine Cove Features

Social activity and human interaction are keys to canine well-being, especially while away from home. Our Canine Cove is just another one of the activities we offer to keep your dog happy and active during their time with us. The water park contains over 30 appealing features for each pet to explore, including:

  • Three, 6-foot-tall misting water arches
  • A 10-foot-tall umbrella with a curtain of water
  • A giant, 4-foot-tall fire hydrant that bubbles water
  • A water chaser controlled by staff for dogs to chase
  • 18 foaming, misting and steady flow water jets
  • Unique features including a crown weave and hitching post

Water Play is Safe and Stimulating

At Petropolis, our doggy daycare and activity packages, during boarding provide a safe and convenient way for your dog to socialize with dogs of similar size and temperament. With Canine Cove, it also provides a safe and engaging way for your pet to have fun in the water. Through interactive features, our engaging team and a positive environment your dog will be able to enjoy summer in the water, just like you.

Canine Cove is great for introducing puppies to water. Our trained team members engage with puppies in the water with positive reinforcement such as treats and verbal praise. Other dogs in the playgroup also naturally encourage puppies to get in the water.

Canine Cove - Toby
Canine Cove
Canine Cove - Cadence

Canine Cove Operations

Canine Cove is available to our daycare clients and lodging guests with activity packages that include Canine Cove water play. When booking your pet's reservation, be sure to make sure water play is included in their stay. Our water park is filled and ready for play from May to October.

During the winter months, our team utilizes the water park space as a ball pit. The open space and numerous balls allow for a fun area for pets to engage in exercise.

Petropolis Has Everything a Dog Needs

Petropolis is more than a water park! We are a one-stop shop for your pet. Our services include dog boarding, doggy day care, a full-service dog salon for grooming, and dog training. We also carry local food, treats, and the industries best toys to spoil your pet at home or while they are staying. From puppy to senior, Petropolis has served St. Louis pets and pet parents for over 30 years. Keeping your pet happy and healthy, while you are away is our top priority. We provide appropriate levels of activity and human interaction for a wonderful experience.

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