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Canine Cove, the Only Dog Water Park in St. Louis, MO

Whether your dog is staying at Petropolis overnight, or just for a couple of hours, our Canine Cove Water Park will be ready for them to enjoy! Our splash pad allows each dog to experience a stimulating, enjoyable water experience while being supervised by our trained and pet-loving staff. Your pup will splash with dogs of similar size, temperament and play style, ensuring a positive social experience and engaging play time. Petropolis is truly the only pet resort in St. Louis, MO with this unique feature, allowing dogs a safe place to participate in water play.


Fun Features for Exercise and Socialization

Social activity and human interaction are keys to canine well-being – especially while away from home. Our Canine Cove is just another one of the activities we offer to keep your dog happy and active during their time with us. The water park contains over 30 appealing features for each pet to explore, including:


Water Play is Safe and Stimulating

Dog Daycare at Petropolis provides a safe and convenient way for you to encourage socialization with other dogs of similar size and temperament. While your dog is with us, they build socialization skills with other dogs and people, which will prevent a fearful and aggressive reaction when they come into contact with an unknown person or dog. Other advantages are:

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Safety is our Top Concern

While your dog plays, we take extreme measures to ensure their safety. Your furry friend will be surrounded by a highly-trained, loving staff person, at a ratio well above industry standards. We customize your dogs play for their breed, age and temperament. To ensure we maintain a healthy and pet safe environment, we utilize and offer the following at Petropolis:

I’m thankful to have such a fun daycare and Bennie’s doctors are right next door. I know Bennie is in good hands and is given the love and attention that Steve and I give him.
Tina Randazzo


Canine Cove Operation

Our daycare clients and lodging guest with activity packages that include Canine Cove are able to use the facility. Canine Cove is open to our clients during our regular business hours. We are conveniently located within 20 miles of the greater St. Louis area. The water park will be filled and functioning from May to October.

Vaccination Requirements

The safety of our dog guests is our first priority. A faxed copy of official records of vaccinations is required from your veterinarian’s office or delivered prior to play in the water park. We require that all pets be current on the following vaccinations:

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