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Five Acres Animal Shelter: Shelter of the Month

Five Acres Animal Shelter: Shelter of the Month

According to the ASPCA, approximately 1.5 million pets are euthanized in shelters every year. While there are plenty of reasons a pet might be euthanized, one of the big ones is that municipal, open admission shelters must euthanize to make room for more homeless pets. When time runs out for the dogs and cats in these shelters, Five Acres Animal Shelter steps in.

Five Acres Animal Shelter

Five Acres Animal Shelter is the only no-kill animal shelter in St. Charles County, so they never euthanize pets to make room for more. Their adoptable pets come from private citizens who can no longer care for them, animal control seizures, and overcrowded shelters across the state of Missouri. With the help of donors, volunteers, and fosters, Five Acres finds loving homes for hundreds of dogs and cats that otherwise may have been put down.

Along with finding homes for animals in need, Five Acres Animal Shelter also helps the community through their food pantry, AniMeals. AniMeals serves pets belonging to individuals and families on limited incomes. By supplementing these owners’ needs with food and other supplies, the program keeps pets in loving homes and out of shelters.

If you’re ready to welcome a pet into your home, consider adopting from Five Acres. Their adoption process matches the right pet with the right home, so their dogs and cats are more likely to be placed in their forever home. Meet a couple of the adoptable pets that Five Acres is working hard to find homes for.

Five Acres Animal Shelter

Meet Dollar, an Adoptable Dog at Five Acres Animal Shelter

Dollar is an eight-year-old mutt who loves people. This is Dollar’s second turn at Five Acres, and he has been there for over a year now. He is incredibly sweet and loves kids, but he needs to be in a single-dog home as he doesn’t get along well with other animals. The staff at Five Acres don’t understand how such a sweet pup could stay in the shelter for so long, but they will keep him happy and healthy for as long as it takes to find him the perfect home. To learn more about Dollar, click here.

Five Acres Animal Shelter

Meet Amos, an Adoptable Cat at Five Acres Animal Shelter

Like Dollar, Amos has been without a home for far too long. This ten-year-old kitten loves to play, and he even knows a few tricks! He is just as happy napping alone as he is snuggled up on someone’s lap. Amos is FIV+, a diagnosis that means euthanasia in some shelters. At Five Acres, though, they have rooms dedicated to FIV+ and FeLV+ cats. This means they can live alongside other cats without the risk of infecting non-FIV+ or non-FeLV+ cats.

We love highlighting the hard work of shelters in our area. We hope that we can help find people for the homeless pets in their care. For more of our favorites, visit our Shelters and Rescues page.

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Five Acres Animal Shelter Contact Info

Phone: (636)949-9918


Address: 1099 Pralle Ln.

St. Charles, Mo. 63303


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