How Much Does Dog Grooming Cost?

A shaggy goldendoodle is groomed on the table of a grooming salon.

No two pets are the same, so their grooming experience shouldn’t be, either! We base the cost of dog grooming on your pet’s breed, size, and coat type, plus any additional services they need to look and feel their best. 

Your dog’s first appointment will be a discounted price, depending on their size. Our first grooming orientation lets our team get to know your dog, introduce them to our salon, and help them adjust to the grooming process. Call (636)537-2322 to book your dog’s first groom today.

After your first appointment, our groomers will be able to give you an accurate quote for the cost of your dog’s next groom. Here’s how we calculate the cost of grooming.

Premium Baths

Our base grooming prices depend on your pet’s breed, size, and coat type (double coat, curly, wiry, etc). Premium baths include  bath with shampoo & conditioner, face and paw trim, nail clip or grind, brushing, and a bandana. Start at $43.

Spa Packages

Why not treat your dog to a spa day? We offer a variety of spa packages for dogs, including a Shedless Spa Package to remove loose hair and prevent further shedding, a mud bath with rejuvenating facial, and more. These spa packages start at $29. 

Add-On Services

Add an extra service to your dog’s spa day or just drop in for a quick nail trim. Visit our grooming page for a more extensive list of add-on services.

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