How Much Does It Cost to Board a Dog in St. Louis?

How Much Does It Cost to Board a Dog in St. Louis?

At Petropolis, we understand the importance of finding a comfortable, safe, and affordable boarding facility for your beloved dog while you’re away. Our mission is to provide a low-stress, enriching environment for your furry friend, ensuring they feel at home even when they’re not.

St. Louis Dog Boarding at Petropolis

Here is the cost for dog boarding at our Chesterfield facility:

  • 🐾 30 ft² room (up to 75 lbs): $47
  • 🐾 40 ft² room (up to 125 lbs): $53
  • 🐾 40 ft² with webcam (up to 125 lbs): $68
  • 🐾 50 ft² room (up to 175 lbs): $59
  • 🐾 Additional Dog in Same Room: $31

Our base lodging fee encompasses everything your dog needs for a comfortable stay, including all feedings, administration of any medications, and regular potty breaks. To further assist in your planning, we do not charge for base lodging on your pet’s day of departure. Please note, that for late checkouts (after 1:00 pm), there is a nominal fee of $25 per pet. Additionally, should you need to pick up your pet after hours, a fee of $19 per pet will be applied. During peak periods, an additional charge of $8 per night is applicable. This pricing structure is designed to ensure your dog’s needs are fully met while offering transparent and reasonable costs for their stay in our St. Louis dog boarding accommodations.

For dog boarding costs related to Petropolis St. Charles, click here.

St. Louis Dog Boarding Activity Costs

Group and 1-on-1 Activities:

  • 🐾 Full-Day Group Play: $40
    4 to 6 hours of outdoor group play
  • 🐾 Half-Day Group Play: $32
    2 to 3 hours of outdoor group play
  • 🐾 1-on-1 Toy Time, Empowerment, or Snuggle: $19 each
  • 🐾 Adventure Session: $24 (not available on final day of stay)
  • 🐾 Solo Play Time (30 minutes): $19

Note: We require at least one activity per day for each dog to ensure a fulfilling stay.

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