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Nemo Nibbles: Creve Coeur Lakehouse

Birds chirping, a light breeze and chatter from walkers passing by are the sounds of the Creve Coeur Lakehouse patio. With big umbrellas and a spacious seating, this is the perfect place for a weekend activities and a relaxing meal. Only a 10 minute drive from Chesterfield, the Mallard Lake view is one of our favorite options for patio eating with your pup.

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About Creve Coeur Lakehouse

From their website: We are open Tuesday – Sunday at 11 AM. However, we may close due to private events, unfavorable weather conditions or slow business. Please call 314-576-7200, to confirm hours of operation. We’re passionate about delivering an exceptionally relaxing experience. Our food is made to order, with quality and taste our primary goal. Whether you are joining us for the first time or have a regular group that meets here weekly, you can expect excellent service.


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