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Pet Care Tip #18: Winter Pet Safety

Pet Care Tip #18: Winter Pet Safety

With the dead of winter fast approaching, it’s important to educate yourself on winter pet safety. Here are just a few tips to keep your furry friend happy and safe this winter:

Winter Pet Safety Tips

  • Know your dog’s limits. Every dog is different, and every dog has a different tolerance level in cold weather. An older or smaller dog will probably be more sensitive to the cold. If your pup is shivering, it’s time to let them in.
  • Avoid rock salt and antifreeze. Winter pet safety doesn’t just mean keeping your pets warm; there are other dangers to consider. Rock salt can make your pet sick if ingested, and antifreeze is deadly. Keep your cats indoors, and keep a close eye on your dog during walks to make sure they don’t eat any chemicals off roads or sidewalks.
  • Bundle up! Not all dogs will wear sweaters, but it can be a good option for small and large dogs alike. When introducing your pup to a sweater, make sure to reward them with high-value treats to make bundling up a positive experience.
Winter Pet Safety
  • Make potty breaks as easy as possible. If there is snow or ice on the ground, shovel a clear patch of grass in the yard for your dog to use during potty breaks. This will make their trips outside quick and easy (and you’ll spend less time outside in the cold).
  • Treat those paws. Snow and ice can do a number on your dog’s paw pads. To keep them from cracking, treat them with a paw balm.
  • Have fun! Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you should skimp on play. Like humans, dogs can put on extra weight in the wintertime if they don’t get proper exercise. Find indoor activities to keep your pup occupied and active, like teaching them new tricks or commands. You can also find a doggy day care with an indoor or all-weather play facility.

Above all else, use this winter as a time to bond with your pet. Whether you’re playing together in the snow or snuggling on the couch, spend some quality time with your furry friends.

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