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Petropolis Creates Pet Empowerment for Cats

In addition to our blog posts explaining the steps Petropolis is taking to make our facility a fear free environment, we wanted to share the steps we are taking for our cat guests.

For cats, staying at a new place or getting groomed, can be stressful and because of this, our team is trained in looking out for and helping to reduce signs of stress for every cat spending time with us. This means that no matter how many times a cat visits Petropolis we make sure to pay attention to any fear, discomfort or stress during a stay. Our team uses the following techniques to prevent or ease these emotions.

Feliway Pheromone

If a cat is experiencing signs of stress or fear our team will spray a soft surface (such as their bedding or a towel/cloth) with Feliway. This product is a pheromone, which is detected by individuals from the same species, and affects their behavior. Pheromones cannot hurt your pet in anyway and cannot be detected by humans. Using this spray on their bedding or a towel that can go over their carrier helps to ensure the pet will feel safe and can relax in the hotel or grooming environment.

Purr-fect Environment

Another way we help reduce any signs of fear or stress is by providing a calming and safe place for your cat to be. With years of cat lodging experience, our Cat Jungle has been specifically designed for cats to feel comfortable while away from home. This includes being away from the excitement of our dog areas. Our Cat Jungle is located on the second floor of our facility, delivering a room full of nature sounds including our fish pond and waterfall.

Our multi-tiered condos are able to give cats room to jump, use the litter box discreetly and include their belongings from home, such as their carrier. Most cats enjoy spending their time lounging in their carrier while looking out the large window in their condo. With a view of our Canine Cove water park or of the active parking lot, each cat has entertainment during their stay.

Daily Engagement

Each day while their condo is being cleaned, our cats are able to explore the Cat Jungle and interact with our team. For our more social cats this includes playtime with toys, getting extra love from our trained staff and watching the fish in our pond. Our team is also able to provide extra care to those cats who may need medication or a daily weight check, included in our TLC package.

Staff Training and Fear Free Certification

All of our hotel and grooming staff has been trained in animal behavior, allowing them to not only know the signs of fear of stress in an animal but other tools to deescalate and prevent fear. This includes their actions in the Cat Jungle and around the cats, such as the way they stand near the rooms, the way they look and speak to each cat.
In addition to staff training, our senior lodging management passed the Fear Free certification.

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