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Petropolis Daycare Delivers Pet Empowerment

In addition to explaining the steps Petropolis is taking to make our facility a fear free environment, we wanted to share the steps each of our departments are taking. We previously shared how our salon and our hotel are using pet empowerment techniques and now we are sharing how our daycare is making changes.

Daycare is a fun way for dogs to socialize, exercise and become familiar with new people and pets. Daycare can also be a great way for your pet to be introduced to Petropolis as a fun and safe place. At Petropolis and during our daycare, your pup is the boss. This means that when dogs are showing us signals that they are too tired, overwhelmed or don’t want to play, we will make appropriate changes for that session, day or stay.

We are proud that most of our daycare pups tell us that they are having a blast, but when we do find dogs telling us they are afraid or stressed, our team takes action to reduce and possibly eliminate these emotions. The techniques we use to prevent these emotions include:

Pheromone Bandanna

When a pet is showing signs of stress or fear, we place an Adaptil bandanna on the pet. The Adaptil pheromone is unconsciously detected by your pup and affects their behavior, helping to calm them. Pheromones cannot hurt your pet in anyway and cannot be detected by humans. Using the bandanna/spray technique right when the pet starts showing signs of stress or fear, helps ensure the pet will feel safe and can relax in our daycare environment.

Break Time

When a dog says no, our team can use a holding room for break time. These fenced areas inside of the yard that are used when dogs enter and exit the yard are located throughout our all season pavilion and outdoor play yards. This area is still under supervision of a daycare attendant and allows your pet to still be around the other pups with a barrier.

If a small amount of break time does not reduce the stress or fear your dog is feeling we can also provide a break in our condos. Our lodging rooms are spacious, raised rooms where pups are able to feel safe. Our team also have alternative rooms available, including our luxury villas, quiet rooms and ranch rooms. Our team uses these areas at their discretion, often only on the first or second visit, until the pet is familiar with Petropolis.

Treats, Commands and Leashes

Another fear and stress reduction tool is treats. During daycare, treats are used as positive reinforcement for a dog’s good behavior such as come and sit. Leashes are another tool we use to create a partnership between your dog and our team. This partnership makes it much easier for our team to train behaviors using a treat. Our team exclusively uses slip leads, as a safe way to control your pet without causing pain.

Staff Training and Fear Free Certification

All of our hotel staff is trained in animal behavior, allowing them to not only know the signs of fear of stress in an animal but other tools to deescalate and prevent fear. This includes their actions in the yards and around the dogs, such as the way they stand and the way they look and speak to each dog. Training our staff also teaches them to properly provide positive reinforcement such as giving treats and extra attention when needed.

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