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Petropolis Hotel Provides Pet Empowerment

In addition to explaining the steps Petropolis is taking to make our facility a fear free environment, we wanted to share the steps each of our departments are taking. We previously shared how our salon is using pet empowerment and now we are sharing how our hotel is making changes.

For a dog, staying at their pet resort can be stressful even if they have visited before or use the same facility for daycare. Because of this, our team is experienced in looking out for and helping to reduce signs of stress for every pup spending the night. This means that no matter how many times a pet visits Petropolis we are sure to pay attention to any fear, discomfort or stress during a stay. Our team has a couple of techniques to help prevent or ease these emotions.

Pheromone Bandanna

To start each visit off on the right paw, we ask each parent at time of drop off if they would like an Adaptil bandanna. This pheromone is detected by individuals from the same species and affects their behavior. Pheromones cannot hurt your pet in anyway and cannot be detected by humans. Using this bandanna/spray technique right when the pet arrives ensures the pet will feel safe and can relax in the hotel environment.


To help reduce barking and even prevent barking, we have introduced the use of “Through a Dog’s Ear” music over our stereo system. This music helps us create a calmer and quieter lodging environment resulting in less stress on our current guests. Studies have shown this music is able to gradually reduce the heart rate of a dog, providing yet another way to help ease any stress animals in our care are experiencing.

Alternative Lodging

In some cases, we know before a visit that a dog may be too anxious for our hotel environment, because of this, Petropolis is able to offer other options to pet parents. Our Luxury Villas provide a quieter experience with an ‘at home’ feel. We are also able to offer a limited option called Quiet Rooms, these are farther away from the lodging area and provide a great place for a stressed pet to calmly adjust to the new environment. One more option we have is our Ranch, these are also very limited but provide more supervision for very young or elderly pets. If you think an alternative room may be best for your pet, please let us know at time of booking.

Staff Training and Fear Free Certification

All of our hotel staff is trained in animal behavior, allowing them to not only know the signs of fear of stress in an animal but other tools to deescalate and prevent fear. This includes their actions in the hotel area and around the dogs, such as the way they stand near the rooms and the way they look and speak to each pup. Training our staff also teaches them to properly provide positive reinforcement such as giving treats, extra attention when needed.

In addition to staff training, our senior lodging management passed the Fear Free certification.

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