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Petropolis Pup-dates March 2019

Petropolis Pup-dates March 2019

With Spring Break behind us, it's time to start thinking about summer! We've been going through some changes at Petropolis Pet Resort, so we wanted to fill you in.

Petropolis Pup-date

Cat Jungle Renovations

As many of you know, we’ve been renovating our Cat Jungle for some time now. We want the cat lodging experience to be as fun, safe, and stress-free as possible for our feline guests, so we’ve taken their needs into consideration throughout the design process. Our new Presidential Aquarium Suites have all the modern amenities a cat could want – including water fountains, ramps for easy access to the top floors, and televisions playing aquarium footage around the clock. Have a cat who enjoys the simpler things in life? Our ever-popular Window Suites offer opportunities for good old-fashioned sunbathing and watching the goings-on in Canine Cove. We also have Accessible Suites, which are single-level and perfect for older or shyer cats.

We know you’re anxious to see the finished renovations, so we won’t keep you on the edge of your seats much longer! Expect a full tour of the new Cat Jungle sometime this month.

The Training Department is in Full Swing!

In the past few months, our training department has undergone a major overhaul. The most significant change is that our partner The Academy of Pet Careers now has a hand in training clients. Students who are learning to become dog trainers spend time working with the Petropolis training pups, meaning those dogs get more one-on-one attention from trainers. Plus, the students get to work with a variety of different dogs learning different skills.

Training is now in full swing, and we’ve had a huge influx of training clients! We’ve so enjoyed working with all of these pups, and we can’t wait to meet even more pups – and people! - who are ready to train.

“Is the Waterpark Open Yet?”

The long winter had us missing the dog days of summer, but the cold is nearly behind us! And that means that our water park will be opening soon! We haven’t yet decided on an official opening date as we’re waiting for the cold to leave for good, but Canine Cove preparations are underway. We’ll be cleaning, primping, and of course filling it after the last frost. Keep your eye out for an official announcement.

Petropolis Pup-date

Instagram Highlights

Do you follow us on Instagram? You should! We post photos and videos over there almost daily. Here are a few of our favorites from the month of March.

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