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Petropolis is a Puppy’s Best Friend

Petropolis Puppy Services

We love puppies but more importantly we know what puppies need to grow up and be great pets! Our variety of services and programs can help start your puppy off on the right paw with everything from socialization, training and overnight stays.


Special Offer: Free Three-Day Puppy Wednesday Daycare Punchcard | 12 weeks to 6 months

Puppy daycare provides a safe and convenient way to encourage socialization at a young age. While your puppy is with us, they learn socialization skills with other dogs and people, which can help to prevent fearful reactions when they come into contact with new people or dogs as they become older. Puppy daycare also provides a chance for your puppy to get out of the house while you are away during the day, preventing accidents or unwanted behaviors due to boredom. Your puppy will be introduced to group play at a rate they feel comfortable, by our Fear Free certified daycare managers. Learn more about our daycare programs here.

Training Programs | Starting at 8 weeks

Training is an important part of owning a puppy and we are able to customize our programs to find the perfect fit for your family. Petropolis offers training at 8 weeks to ensure a great start to early learning and good manners. Our pet empowerment training programs include basic obedience like loose lead walking, no jumping and recall when called. Our puppy program also includes a unique grooming introduction including walking into our grooming salon, having positive encounters with a groomer and an introduction to the tools they use, such as toe nail clippers. Learn more about our training services or call to set up a free evaluation with our Head Trainer.

Puppy Socialization Classes | 8 to 16 weeks

The best way to set your puppy up for success is to socialize them early. Socialization goes far beyond simply introducing your puppy to other dogs; it means leading them through interactions with different sights, sounds, and experiences and creating healthy, pleasant experiences with those things. Our four-week Puppy Socialization Class covers all the basics - from introducing your puppy to new things to teaching you how your puppy learns. Click here to learn more.

Puppy Lodging Package| Starting at 12 weeks

Leaving your new family member can be hard but with our puppy activity package, you can enjoy your vacation knowing your little one is having as much fun as you are! Our puppy lodging package includes extra potty walks for those learning to go outside. We also have special accommodations for puppies who are missing home, including our luxury villas modeled to more like home, in a quiet environment and a TV in each room. We also use quiet spaces for dogs who may be nervous or fearful. Learn more about our lodging here.


Puppy Basic Grooming | Starting at 12 weeks

Getting your first haircut or bath can be scary but our Fear Free certified groomers know how to introduce your puppy to the salon. On their first visit puppies will be slowly acclimated to the salon environment and allowed to meet each stylist as well as experience the noises and equipment used. As part of the puppy basic grooming package, your puppy will get a trim, a nail clip, a paw pad trim, cleaned sanitary areas as well as a trim of their feet and face. To prevent a fearful experience, our skilled stylists do not recommended a full groom on a puppy’s first trip so be sure to schedule a puppy basic grooming visit first. Learn more about our salon here.

Puppy Water Play | Starting at 12 weeks (Only available during May - October)

During a daycare or lodging stay, puppies will be introduced to water in our state-of-the-art, dog only water park, Canine Cove. (May – October) Our Fear Free certified daycare managers will help teach your puppy that being around and in water is safe and fun, allowing them to go at their own pace. Water play is included in free puppy daycare every Wednesday and the puppy lodging package. Learn more about Canine Cove here.


Vet Care | Starting at Anytime

While Petropolis is not a Veterinary hospital, we do have one connected to our building. Veterinary Care Center of Chesterfield is right next door to Petropolis, proving peace of mind in case any emergencies were to occur while your pet is in our care. VCC has Fear Free certified staff who can help create a healthy and long life for your puppy. Call them today to set up the first appointment for free! After their first visit, puppies also receive one free month of flea and tick preventative as well as heart worm preventative.

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