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Skype™ With Your Dogs While They Are Boarding at Petropolis Pet Resort

Skype PetropolisPetropolis Pet Resort is giving pet parents a new way to take their four-legged friends with them while they go on vacation. Now each of our upscale villa accommodations come equipped with a laptop computer and Skype™ software for video calls with your favorite canine companions.

We offers a variety of rooms for pampering pets, including two and four room condos, a cat jungle with aquarium and waterfall views, and luxurious villas equipped with beds, televisions and now laptop computers. Owners can install Skype™ software on their computers, tablets, smart phones and any other supported devices – and call their furry friends 24/7. The communication is two-way, so both parties can see each other and chat back and forth.

The program, which officially launched Monday, August 6, 2012 is available at no additional charge with Petropolis’ all-inclusive rates, which include: food, doggie daycare at Camp Petropolis, doggie ice cream, fresh baked cookies and more.

Watch Petropolis on Fox 2 talking about dog boarding and Skype in the villas:

“Take your pets with you… even while you’re away. Video chat with your pets at Petropolis.”

For more information about Skyping with your pets, or to make a reservation, call (636) 537-2322 today!

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