Spring Break Bliss for Your Pup – Book Your Dog’s Dream Vacation at Petropolis!

Book your pet’s perfect spring break stay at Petropolis! Offering luxury dog boarding with personalized care, spacious rooms, and fun activities. Secure your pet’s spot now for a stress-free vacation.

Spring Break Dog Boarding Reservations

Spring break is upon us – that glorious time when the winter chill fades away, and the promise of sunny adventures awaits. But, before you pack your bags and set your out-of-office reply, there’s a special family member you can’t forget about: your beloved pet. Don’t worry, Petropolis has got your furry friend covered, and this is your reminder to schedule your boarding reservations now!

A Canine Paradise Awaits

Imagine a place where your dog isn’t just a guest, but the star of the show. That’s Petropolis! Our low-stress boarding facilities are a canine utopia, designed with your pet’s every need in mind. From frolicking in the play yards to cuddling with a favored staff member or enjoying peaceful slumbers in their private room, your dog’s comfort and happiness are top priorities!

Empowerment and Luxury Combined

At Petropolis, we speak dog! And here, your furry pal calls the shots. We promise never to push them into anything they’re not thrilled about. Instead, we tailor their stay to their preferences – from the activities they partake in, to the layout of their plush accommodations. Plus, we keep you in the loop with regular updates. It’s not just boarding; it’s a holiday for four-legged friends.

Custom-Tailored Canine Retreats

Why settle for one-size-fits-all when your dog is one in a million? At Petropolis, every lodging experience is as unique as your pooch. Whether they’re social butterflies ready for group play or prefer serene one-on-one sessions with our affectionate staff, we’ve got it covered. Our experienced team is here to ensure your dog’s stay is filled with the right mix of play, pampering, and peace.

Beyond Boarding: Enrichment and Comfort

We’re all about creating an environment that mirrors the love and comfort of home. Our separate boarding areas minimize noise, while spacious rooms decked out with cozy bedding and soft music provide a tranquil retreat. Plus, our daily enrichment activities and personal interactions ensure your dog stays cheerful and content.

Be Prepared for a “Pawesome” Time

New to the Petropolis experience? We welcome your dog with open arms and an orientation day to help them settle in and get to know our team. We’ll explore their play preferences and ensure they’re perfectly comfortable. And don’t forget to check our handy checklist to pack all your dog’s essentials!

Book Now for a Worry-Free Break!

With spring break on the horizon, our spots fill up fast! Secure your furry friend’s vacation at Petropolis today while you take on your own adventures, knowing they’re in the safest of hands.

Call Petropolis at 636-537-2322 (Chesterfield) or 636-537-3634 (St. Charles) today, or fill out our online reservation request here.

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