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All-Season Play Pavilion in St. Louis, MO

All Season Play Pavilion in St. Louis, MO

Whether your dog is staying at Petropolis overnight, or just for a couple of hours, our All-Season Pavilion will be ready for them to enjoy! Our pavilion play yards allow each dog to experience safe, enjoyable, play time while being supervised by our trained staff. Your pup will socialize with dogs of similar size, temperament and play style, ensuring a positive experience and engaging play time. Petropolis is one of the only pet resorts in St. Louis, MO with year round outdoor play.

Our All-Season Pavilion is available to our daycare and lodging clients. The pavilion is used and open to our clients during regular business hours. We are conveniently located within 20 miles of the greater St. Louis area. The pavilion will be used all year round.


Outdoor Play for Exercise and Socialization

Social activity and human interaction are keys to canine well-being – especially while away from home. Our All-Season Pavilion is just another one of the activities we offer to keep your dog happy and active during their time with us. The pavilion contains these features:

  • Four, clean yards under the pavilion for safe play
  • Each yard under the pavilion also has access to turf yards for extra play space
  • Four flex yards between the pavilion and Canine Cove
  • State-of-the-art draining, heating and cooling systems

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