Dog Training Month

Dog Training Month at Petropolis

Happy Dog Training Month! This January, we are celebrating the continued education of our furry friends. Whether your dog has been with you for years or just a few weeks, all dogs can benefit from training! 

At Petropolis, our goal is to help pet parents embrace the lifestyle of Pet Empowerment; the process of raising happy, confident pets by allowing them to make their own decisions and setting them up for success. We focus on the enrichment of animals in order to promote a healthier human-pet bond using force-free, reward-based methods.

Why is it important to train your dog? 

  • Benefits for your dog
    • – Enriches their lives
    • – Builds confidence
    • – Reduces fear
    • – Teaches them how to navigate our world
  • Benefits for YOU 

    • – Makes for a more enjoyable experience
      • – No pet owner wants to yell at their pup or lock them in their crate. Training reduces stress for you as an owner!
    • – Reduces unwanted behaviors 
    • – Builds a bond with your dog

Tips to try at home

  • – Don’t reward unwanted behaviors
    • – For example, jumping: when your dog jumps on you, don’t pet them or talk to them. Instead, turn your back and wait until their paws are on the floor to engage with them
  • – Show your dog what you want them to do
    • – Inviting your dog to go onto their dog bed and rewarding them (instead of letting them beg at dinner) 
  • – Keep training sessions short
    • – 5 minutes in the morning and evening and always end on a good note!

What We offer

All of our dog training programs are designed to strengthen the human-animal bond and enrich your pup in the process. We offer manners & skills classes, where we’ll teach your dog the manners they need to be an active member of your family. From the basics all the way up to life-saving skills, we’ll help you add skills to your training toolbelt and strengthen your bond with your dog. Puppy training is another option here at Petropolis to get your pup started off on the right foot with a healthy mix of training and socialization. We’ll introduce them to new sights, sounds, and experiences while teaching them manners and skills. Plus, we’ll help you troubleshoot the common issues new puppy parents face like potty training and play biting. We teach everything from basic skills and manners to life-saving skills- like distance recalls, ‘drop-it’ and ‘stay’ – that are both useful in daily life and could potentially protect both you and your pup in an emergency situation.


If you have more questions about how to positively train your dog or need help with training, feel free to call us at 636-537-2322 to schedule a free training evaluation with one of our trainers! Happy dog training month everyone!


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