Is Petropolis a Franchise? The History of the Pet Care Center

Dog and cat owners seek trusted names for pet care services (boarding, daycare, grooming, training), and Petropolis – with our long-standing presence in Missouri – often comes up as a top choice.

A common question we get is whether Petropolis is a franchise operation. Today, we’re setting the record straight: Petropolis is not a franchise.

Family-Owned and Operated Since 1988

Founded by Dr. Paul Schifano and Hannelore Bugby, Petropolis carved its niche in the pet care industry as the nation’s first all-inclusive pet center. This innovative concept was envisioned to cater to every pet’s needs under one roof—or as we affectionately phrase it, “all under one woof.” 

The journey began much earlier, however, with their operation of Silver Maple Pet Center, which stands as the oldest pet hotel in the country. Then, in 1988, Petropolis was built in the Chesterfield valley.

Today, Petropolis operates out of two locations: one in St. Louis (Chesterfield) and another in St. Charles. Both facilities uphold the original mission envisioned by their founders, driven by a deep passion for pets and a commitment to quality care.

More Than Just a Pet Center

Petropolis represents more than just a business; it’s a community that has taken part in the evolution of the pet care industry. Adopting a force-free philosophy, we focus on methods that are as humane as they are effective, ensuring that every pet receives the best possible care.

Our motto speaks volumes about our approach: “Enrich. Educate. Empower.” For over thirty-five years, Petropolis has been dedicated to not only providing care – but also enriching the lives of pets and empowering owners with knowledge to enhance the human-animal bond.

Looking Forward

While steeped in tradition, Petropolis is anything but old-fashioned. Our team continuously adopts the most cutting-edge, research-based methods in the industry. This forward-thinking approach ensures that both pets and their owners in St. Louis and St. Charles receive the most modern and effective pet care available.

Join Our Family

So, is Petropolis a franchise? No, it is a proudly family-owned business that values quality care and community service above all. If you’re looking for a pet care service that feels like family, Petropolis is the perfect choice for you and your furry friends.

To learn more about Petropolis, give us a call at 636-537-2322 (Chesterfield) or 636-537-3634 (St. Charles) – or request a reservation online!

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About Petropolis

Petropolis has offered top-notch pet care to the St. Louis Area since they first opened in 1988. All of their services – boarding, doggy daycare, training, and grooming – are pet-centric, meaning they put pets’ needs first. With their focus on enrichment and education, they hope to inspire pet owners to live an empowered life with their pets.

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