Petropolis Builds Multi-Million Dollar Pet Empowerment Center

ST. LOUIS, MO – June 16, 2020 – The first Pet Empowerment Center in the St. Louis Area is now open for business in St. Charles. Petropolis St. Charles is a multi-million dollar facility designed entirely with pets’ needs in mind and dedicated to providing pet-centric, enriching care for dogs and cats.

The Petropolis’s new second location at 3550 West Clay Street offers all their services – boarding, daycare, grooming, and training – in a state-of-the-art facility unlike any other in the Midwest. With spacious dog and cat lodging rooms, a low-stress grooming salon, and a team dedicated to Pet Empowerment, Petropolis St. Charles provides the most safe, enriching pet care experience in the area.

From Interstate 70, commuters can see Petropolis St. Charles’s crown jewel: their 33,000 square feet of outdoor play yards. Dogs visiting for daycare and boarding can swim under a waterfall, wade through a river, run through tunnels, and jump on a trampoline, all while under the supervision of trained staff.

With the new facility comes an even greater push towards Pet Empowerment, the process of raising confident, happy pets by setting them up for success. Petropolis shares the building with The Academy of Pet Careers, a trade school for prospective veterinary and pet care professionals that also provides continued education and a wealth of resources for the Petropolis team. The two businesses share a large event arena, which they will use to host events and seminars for the public and local pet professionals.

Petropolis is also taking precautions to protect their human guests from COVID-19. They offer curbside pickup and drop-off for all pets. They also host individual tours to anyone who would like to see the impressive new facility firsthand.

With this new facility, Petropolis hopes to inspire others to live more empowered lives with their pets. To learn more about Petropolis’s mission and services, visit their website at or call (636)537-2322.

About Petropolis

Petropolis has offered top-notch pet care to the St. Louis Area since they first opened in 1988. All of their services – boarding, doggy daycare, training, and grooming – are pet-centric, meaning they put pets’ needs first. With their focus on enrichment and education, they hope to inspire pet owners to live an empowered life with their pets.

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