Will my dog like dog daycare?

A chocolate lab puppy at dog daycare laying on a grey floor looking up at the camera.

There’s no way to know for certain if your dog will like daycare. We do everything we can to keep dogs happy and comfortable during daycare. But for some dogs, it’s just not their thing!

Here are a few personality traits and behaviors that could be signs your dog will like daycare:

Even if your pup doesn’t exhibit these personality traits, they may still enjoy daycare. At Petropolis, we’ve met plenty of older, more subdued pups who love the extra attention and outdoor time that daycare provides.

If you suspect your pup may enjoy daycare, call to speak to one of our New Client Specialists. They’ll ask about your dog’s demeanor, their history, and their health to determine if daycare will be a good fit.

After they visit, how will I know if my dog liked daycare?

Every dog goes through the same evaluation process on their first day. This process helps us get to know them, but it also helps them adjust to the daycare environment. 

During your dog’s first day, you’ll receive a Pupdate from our Canine Evaluator with photos and notes. When you pick your dog up at the end of the day, the Canine Evaluator will discuss your pup’s experience and how they adjusted to daycare. 

We love all dogs, but we also understand that not all dogs love us. That’s why we communicate openly and honestly with pet parents and never force a dog into daycare if they’re uncomfortable.

And if your dog did love their first day, we’ll tell you! There’s nothing we love more than helping dogs adjust and learn to love daycare.


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