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Doggy Day Care Near St. Louis, MO

Doggy Day Care In Chesterfield, MO

Doggy Day Care at Petropolis is a full day of fun for your furry friend! Don't leave your dog home alone during the week. Bring them to daycare for enrichment and exercise! We provide the highest quality pet day care in the St. Louis area. Our facility and all-day doggie daycare are designed to keep your puppy happy and healthy.

You are leaving your family member at a state-of-the-art facility, with over 30 years of experience. Above all, our trained staff is here to make your pet feel at home and provide positive social interaction with dogs that are of similar size, temperament and play style. Don't delay, let your dog splash in Canine Cove and play with doggie friends today!

Why to Choose Petropolis for Doggy Day Care

Doggy Day Care Group Play, Petropolis Pet Resort

All Day Play For Your Pet

Petropolis doggy day care provides a safe and supervised way for your pet to socialize with dogs and people, in a new environment. While your dog is with us, they are able to build confidence and minimizes behavior issues. Plus, you also have the peace of mind knowing they are playing the day away! During all day play our team uses their skills to facilitate safe play between dogs. The Petropolis team rewards positive behaviors with treats and engages in games with your pet.

First of all, your pet's first day is always free at Petropolis! On your pet's first day, our Canine Evaluator will meet your dog and determine where they will feel most comfortable. Our professional staff will listen to your pet and provide a positive experience. If your dog does not enjoy the company of other pets or if they are unsure of the group environment, we provide an outdoor solo play session with a Petropolis staff member.

Convenient Doggy Day Care, Petropolis Pet Resort

Doggy Day Care Convenience

Petropolis doggy day care also comes with extra perks for parents! We provide extra services to our doggy day care clients to make sure Petropolis is fun for the humans in your family.

  • We offer 10-day and 30-day doggy day care punch cards which provides a discounted per day of daycare price! The punch cards never expire and they provide access to our valet service.
  • Valet Service is available to our clients with a doggy day care punch card. You can pull up to our building and one of our certified daycare staff will get your pet from your car. Valet is available from 6:00 am to 8:30 pm, Monday-Friday.
Doggy Day Care Water Park, Petropolis Pet Resort

Canine Cove and All-Season Play Pavilion

We are home to St. Louis' ONLY doggy water park, Canine Cove! These amenities help make Petropolis doggy day care an even more fun environment for your pet! Each of our doggy day care groups gets a chance to play in Canine Cove once per day. During the winter months, (November - March) Canine Cove is transformed into a ball pit making it perfect for running and playing!

All of the group play at Petropolis is in our all-season pavilion, complete with heating, cooling, built-in shade, K9 Turf and secure fencing.

Day Care Parties for Your Dog

Once a month our doggy day care pups are treated to a party! Each month our team will choose one day to have a themed party. These parties include all-day play, a picture of your dog to take home and a few goodies, all at no extra cost. Day care parties are a great opportunity to keep your pet active in a group play setting at least once a month and as a result, spoil your pet with extra treats! Day care parties typically include a fun activity outside during play, like running bases or a wiener dog race! Parties can also include extra special treats in the group setting, like hot dogs or carrots!

Dog Birthday Parties

Doggy Day Care Birthday Parties

Want to give your pup the special treatment on their birthday? Bring them to doggy day care at Petropolis to celebrate! We treat our pets like family, and that’s why we love hosting dog birthday parties for our furry clients. Whether you’d just like a photo to document a milestone in your pet’s life or you’d like to pull out all the stops for a birthday bash, we want to make your pup’s special day perfect for both of you. Click below to learn more, or give us a call to schedule your pup's party!

Doggy Day Care, Petropolis, Doggy Day Care St. Louis

Puppy Day Care

For puppies, doggy day care can be an opportunity to meet new people, new dogs and be introduced to a whole new environment. At Petropolis we understand this important time in your pet's life and offer free puppy day care to help. During our puppy Wednesday daycare you pup will be introduced to everything at their own pace. This ensures doggy day care and Petropolis is a positive experience for your young one. Our puppy daycare also provides a chance for your puppy to get out of the house, preventing accidents or unwanted behaviors.

Visit our puppy page to learn about our free puppy day care, puppy lodging package and introduction to grooming.

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