Pet Empowerment at Petropolis

Pet Empowerment is the process of raising happy, confident pets by allowing them to make their own decisions and setting them up for success.

We’ve developed the tenants and practices of Pet Empowerment over our 30 years in the pet care industry using the most up-to-date research in animal behavior and learning theory. And while we’re constantly learning and adapting, our mission is consistent: to help pet parents live better, more enriching lives with their pets.

Pet Empowerment in Dog Daycare

There’s a lot to explore in our daycare play yards, but some dogs just don’t care for the exciting features – like Canine Cove in Chesterfield or the waterfall in St. Charles. We never force a dog into the water or into a situation where they’re uncomfortable. Instead, we encourage them to try new things using praise and treats. But if they’d rather snooze in the shade or bask in the sunshine than jump on the trampoline, that’s perfectly fine!

Not every dog likes other dogs, and that’s okay, too! We evaluate every dog on their first day to find the playgroup that works best for them. If they’re uncomfortable with group play, we also offer one-on-one play sessions in private yards.

Pet Empowerment in Boarding

We don’t just want to keep your pet comfortable while they’re with us; we want to keep them enriched! Both our dog and cat boarding spaces offer spacious rooms and low-stress options for anxious pets. Plus, we allow siblings to room together, making for a more comfortable experience all around.

When you design your pet pet boarding package with our New Client Specialist, they’ll help you pick the perfect room, activities, and individualized care for your pet. And if your pet changes their mind halfway through their stay, we’ll make adjustments to keep them happy.

Pet Empowerment in Dog Training

At Petropolis, we use no pain, no punishment, only positivity. Our training team utilizes positive reinforcement-based, force-free methods to help dogs build their confidence and grow closer with their handlers.

We use praise, toys, and most importantly treats to encourage dogs to present desired behaviors and polite manners, and we never lash out or punish a dog for unwanted behaviors. Instead, we gently guide them in the right direction, strengthening the human-animal bond as we do.

Pet Empowerment in Grooming

The grooming salon can be one of the scariest places for your pet – but it doesn’t have to be! We work at your pet’s pace to keep them comfortable, and our low-stress grooming environment cuts down on noise and distractions.

We never force a dog through the grooming process, and while that might mean your pup isn’t groomed to perfection on their very first visit, we guarantee their next appointment (and every one after that) will be much less stressful.

Pet Empowerment at Home and Beyond

Our mission doesn’t end when you and your pet walk out the door. We help parents raise happy, confident pets with the skills and socialization to tackle the real world. What you and your pet learn at Petropolis will help you at home and beyond.