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Socialization Locations: Treats Unleashed

Socialization Locations: Treats Unleashed

Treats Unleashed

At Petropolis, we’re all about having positive experiences with our furry friends both at home and away. That’s why we’re testing out dog-friendly locations across the St. Louis area to find fun outings for you and your pup! This week, we visited Treats Unleashed, a dog bakery and dog-friendly store with locations across Missouri. Their Chesterfield locations is just down the street from Petropolis, and we order all of our cookies birthday cakes from them. Here’s what we (and Nemo the Bernese Mountain Dog) thought of the place:

Our Favorite Features

  • Good Ingredients, Sweet Treats – Treats Unleashed supplies all of our doggy birthday cakes at Petropolis, and they’re always excited to do something out-of-the-box. Plus, they have handmade holiday cookies throughout the year. All of their treats are made with all-natural, human grade ingredients, so you know your pup is getting the very best.
  • Huge Retail Space – Aside from the bakery, Treats Unleashed boasts a huge retail space with toys, supplies, and food. From necessities like flea and tick medication to extras like holiday-themed toys, Treats Unleashed has it all. (Nemo was particularly fond of the holiday llama toy.)
Treats Unleashed
Treats Unleashed

Dog-Friendly Features

  • Dog-Friendly Store – Not only is Treats Unleashed dog-friendly, but their store is set up to accommodate our furry friends. As soon as we walked in the door, the staff greeted Nemo and offered him treats. They even set out a water bowl for him by the counter. We could tell the staff really cared about making Nemo comfortable in their store.
  • Tasty Treats – At the front of the store, Treats Unleashed has a massive table of bite-sized treats, yogurt drops, and decorated cookies. For most dogs, the table is probably too high to reach, but it’s at eye-level for a huge dog like Nemo! He got to sniff all the different treats and pick which ones he liked.
  • Toys, Toys, Toys! – Nemo picked out a holiday llama toy from one of the many displays at Treats Unleashed. They have stuffed toys, hard rubber toys, and everything in between.

We definitely recommend stopping by a Treats Unleashed location with your pup. Nemo had a blast, and so did we!

Pet Empowerment

Pet Empowerment Tip

When out and about with your dog, let them decide whether or not to approach strangers. Encourage other people to keep their distance (four to six feet away) from your dog, and let your dog greet them in his own time.

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