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Vision and Values

Our vision at Petropolis is to:

  • Respect the bond between people and pets. We recognize that all of our pets share emotions. They feel pleasure, pain, fear, anxiety, happiness and sadness. Although we take pleasure in the relationships we build with our pets, we consider the effects we have upon them for their benefit, both mentally and physically.
  • Become recognized across the nation, not just for the quality of our facilities, but for the quality of the pet and pet owner care we provide. We will do so by implementing the necessary systems using a Participative Management design. We will all share our knowledge to better implement and improve the quality of service we offer our pets and pet owners. All of us will become empowered through exceptional training.
  • Believe in our value system and will strive to live by it. We will work hard to achieve financial success but never at the sacrifice of these values.

Our values are:

  • Pets – The care of pets is our primary concern and our purpose. We will strive to offer a quality of care for our pets that is limited only by what our pet owners are willing to pay for.We value the health and well being of all pets under our care. Except to end suffering, we will only act to improve the health and well being of these pets. Although difficult to measure, we acknowledge and value the pleasure and happiness of pets under our care. We will work hard to nurture these emotions in all of our pets.
  • People – We value our people. People are our most important resource, and our primary goal is to enable empowered people to realize their highest potential.
  • Human/Pet Bond - We are here because we recognize the many benefits derived from our relationship with the pets under our care. We will celebrate these benefits amongst our pet owners and ourselves.
  • Knowledge and Skills - Ultimately, it is the knowledge and skill we develop that will limit our ability to service our pet owners and pets successfully, efficiently and with pride. We will strive for the highest level of knowledge and skill.
  • Resources - As each project is determined, the necessary resources must be made available to perform our job. Examples of resources include adequate manpower and adequate equipment.
  • Empowerment - It is our goal that everyone becomes empowered. Empowerment can only result from training, development and support to the point of Trusted Communication with our pet owners.
  • Supportive Environment - We shall support each other’s efforts when working toward our common vision.
  • Cooperation - We will work together to create a spirit of teamwork and cooperation and seek win-win solutions to conflicts.
  • Commitment - Through empowerment we will work to satisfy every pet owner that we service so that we never say no. This is not the same as saying yes. When a conflict exists we work hard to find a resolution to that problem that satisfies the pet owner.
  • Respect - When it comes to Respect, there is no hierarchy. We will at all times and in all ways be respectful of our co-workers. We will strive to insure that our behavior is perceived as contributing to their sense of self-worth. Behaviors that support respect include:– Listening to what the other person has to say.
    – Demonstrating honesty
    – Being on time
    – Using a positive tone of voice.
  • Honesty - we will do what we promise people we will do. We will say only those things that are true.
  • Tolerance - we will encourage diversity of thought and experience, and will build our company on peoples’ relevant strengths rather than focusing on their irrelevant weaknesses.

Total Quality Systems:

We value Total Quality in the services we provide. We will strive to do the right things the first time and every time. Our success in achieving our goals will be measurable using the following criteria:

  • Pet owner satisfaction
  • Waste
  • Time
  • Cost
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