Dog Etiquette at a Coffee Shop

A Guide to Dog Etiquette at a Coffee Shop

Let’s set the scene: You are out on a casual stroll with your pooch when the aroma of fresh-brewed coffee catches your attention. Upon further inspection, you notice the patio area is full of patrons and their dogs. You order a latte (extra whipped cream) and take a seat. Before your coffee even arrives, your dog spots a fellow patron and tangles himself around the table, barking profusely. The leash trips another patron and you book it out of there sans coffee. Dog-friendly coffee shops are common, but you have to know the rules first. Check out this guide to dog etiquette in a coffee shop for helpful tips.

1. Find dog-friendly coffee shops on
2. Learn how to fit your pup into his or her new leash properly.
3. Read on for more preparation tips for your next outing.
4. Teach your dog how to greet people politely.
5. Master your dog’s public etiquette from home.
6. Learn how to interpret your dog’s body language.
7. 10 (more) reasons to scoop your dog’s poop.

Regardless of whether or not you’ve already experienced a coffee shop mishap or this will be your first time venturing out with your pooch to a public venue, rest assured that you are prepared. You’ve done your homework and read up on dog etiquette in a coffee shop. Your next assignment? Coffee!

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