Petropolis Pet Resort Donates $100 to 100 Homeless Pets in 100 Dollars for 100 Dogs Campaign

ST. LOUIS, MO – Jan. 29, 2019 – According to the ASPCA, over 6.5 million pets enter the animal shelter system every year in the United States. The St. Louis Area is one of the largest shelter markets in the United States, and there are still thousands of homeless pets waiting to be adopted.

In order to encourage pet adoptions in the St. Louis Area, Petropolis Pet Resort is starting their 100 Dollars for 100 Dogs campaign with the goal of finding forever homes for 100 homeless pets.

Starting February 1st, dogs and cats adopted from participating shelters will be sent home with a $50 gift certificate for Petropolis services, and Petropolis will donate $50 for every gift certificate that is redeemed.

Petropolis Pet Resort is currently working with Gateway Pet Guardians and Tenth Life Cat Rescue, both of which are foster-based rescues with small brick-and-mortar locations.

The 100 Dollars for 100 Dogs campaign not only helps adopters at these locations with affordable pet services, but it also helps these shelters save more lives. Like the shelters they partner with, Petropolis believes in keeping pets in loving homes. By offering grooming, training, daycare, and lodging services at a discount, Petropolis hopes to make new pet parenthood a little bit easier.

If your shelter wants to participate in the 100 Dollars for 100 Dogs campaign, contact Petropolis Pet Resort. To learn more about the campaign and participating shelters, visit www.petropolis.com/100-Dollars-for-100-Dogs/.

five acres

Five Acres Animal Shelter: Petropolis Shelter of the Month

According to the ASPCA, approximately 1.5 million pets are euthanized in shelters every year. While there are plenty of reasons a pet might be euthanized, one of the big ones is that municipal, open admission shelters must euthanize to make room for more homeless pets. When time runs out for the dogs and cats in these shelters, Five Acres Animal Shelter steps in.

About Five Acres Animal Shelter

Five Acres Animal Shelter is the only no-kill animal shelter in St. Charles County, so they never euthanize pets to make room for more. Their adoptable pets come from private citizens who can no longer care for them, animal control seizures, and overcrowded shelters across the state of Missouri. With the help of donors, volunteers, and fosters, Five Acres finds loving homes for hundreds of dogs and cats that otherwise may have been put down.

Along with finding homes for animals in need, Five Acres Animal Shelter also helps the community through their food pantry, AniMeals. AniMeals serves pets belonging to individuals and families on limited incomes. By supplementing these owners’ needs with food and other supplies, the program keeps pets in loving homes and out of shelters.

If you’re ready to welcome a pet into your home, consider adopting from Five Acres. Their adoption process matches the right pet with the right home, so their dogs and cats are more likely to be placed in their forever home.