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Luxury boarding

a retreat for your pet at Petropolis

We know your pets are your best friends- more accurately- a member of your family. Here at Petropolis, we are beyond excited to spoil and treat them with the highest quality care. As soon as your pet steps foot in our building, they are a member of our own Petropolis family! With 30 years of experience in the pet care industry, we know a thing or two about the importance of stress-free, luxury boarding. All pets get a healthy dose of relaxation, socialization, exercise, and love from the staff no matter how long they stay. Take a look at what we offer (it might just be nicer than where you are staying!)

Luxe, Spacious rooms/villas

Our individual, quiet rooms keep pups calm and relaxed during their much needed snooze time. Your pup will hear music playing softly throughout the entire facility. (Research studies have shown that listening to music comforts and calms dogs, and we have seen great results!) At our Chesterfield location, our luxury boarding rooms are large enough for siblings to room together. We also have villas you can upgrade to, which are located in an even quieter bay and include webcams. Our St. Charles rooms are 30, 40, or 50 square feet; more than enough room for your pup! We also have 120 square feet upgraded rooms for bigger families or pups needing more privacy.

Siblings staying in our biggest dog boarding room.

Customizable packages

Whether your pup is high-energy or laid back, we will build a custom activity schedule just for them. Group-play daycare is available for half the day or the entire day, along with one-on-one play sessions with our staff. Our outdoor play yards are covered and have heating and cooling, so play time is always available. You can also book other services while boarding, like adding a groom to the last day of their stay!

Staff check-ins

Petropolis staff members are always monitoring and checking in on the pampered pets staying with us. Whether they’re needing some extra love and affection, a potty-break, snack, or possibly a new activity schedule, we are here to help and keep you updated along the way!

Cats can have play sessions with our staff during their stay!

Cats get special treatment

Your feline friend’s getaway is far away from where the dogs roam- it is actually on a completely different floor of our facility and is sound-proofed! The multi-story cat condos have excessive room for exploring, lounging, and taking naps. Just like canine boarding, we offer custom activity packages for your furry friend (our staff would love to play/snuggle with your furbaby!) In our Chesterfield location, our Cat Jungle has a coy pond with live fish for your kiddo to watch swim around! There are also interactive TV’s to spark their instinctual curiosity.

St. Charles multi-level cat condo

Pupdates let you know how your furry friend is doing!

During your pet’s staycation, we will keep you updated with pictures and recaps of their day. You can always check in if you have any questions as well (call us at 636-537-2322 or you can message us on Instagram or Facebook).

Ready to book your reservation? Click the link below and be sure to go over our boarding checklist before your bring your pet in for their stay!

Pup enjoying a Valentine's day enrichment treat

Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Your Pet!

We’ve all heard the saying, “a dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself”, right? Well, this Valentine’s Day, give back to your selfless pup! We’re talking spoiling them with love, affection, cuddles, and treats. Stick around for more ideas on how to spend Valentine’s Day with your pet!

Enrichment opportunities.

There’s always time for enrichment! Try out some of our favorites:

  • Frozen sweetheart treats: use a heart shaped mold to freeze chicken stock and some small treats for a yummy brain game! Check out how the Petropolis pups reacted to this enrichment treat.
  • Treat rollup: lay a towel down and scatter some treats (or kibble) on it while rolling it into a burrito. Your pup will have a mental workout while foraging for the goodies!
  • Cats deserve enrichment too! Try hiding treats around the house so they can hunt- they will love using their instincts.
Pup enjoying a Valentine's day enrichment treat

Indoor activities.

This freezing weather doesn’t mean you can’t have a blast inside the house with your furry friend! For instance, training for even 5 minutes will strengthen your bond with your pup and be a mental workout. Use this time to brush up on skills or try taking on a new trick! It’s never too late to teach a dog something new. Another easy game to play in the house is some good old-fashioned hide and seek. Wanting to motivate some play time with your feline friend? Cats loove chasing things- strings, feather toys, you name it! Try using a laser pointer as a substitute and watch your cat have the time of their life and get in some exercise. There are so many more ways to keep your Valentine happy without venturing outside in the cold- you just need to get creative.

Simple but effective.

Try taking your pup for a long walk at a new park or trail! They will be thrilled to explore the new sights, sounds, and smells.

Schedule a day of socializing and play.

Does your pup have a BFF? Plan a playdate for the two pups! Or, you can be the best dog parent out there and bring them to daycare for a day filled with playing, chasing, treats, making new friends, and love from our staff. You’ll bring home a very happy, tired dog at the end of the day to cuddle with.

Petropolis pups playing with their best friends at daycare on Valentine's Day!

We want to see how you are celebrating Valentine’s Day with your pet! Send us photos of your adventures on Instagram (@petropolisstl)