CARE STL: Petropolis Shelter of the Month

St. Louis, Missouri, has one of the largest animal shelter populations – and the largest stray animal population – in the country. In cities like ours, pets left on the streets, surrendered by their owners, or seized by the police find themselves in municipal shelters, many of which have high kill rates. Luckily, the city of St. Louis has CARE STL, the Center for Animal Rescue and Enrichment of St. Louis, which provides a safe place and a bright future for these homeless pets.

About CARE STL: The Center for Animal Rescue and Enrichment of St. Louis

CARE STL began in 2018 with the signing of a city contract, making them an open admission municipal shelter and giving them control over the city “pound.” Unlike many municipal shelters, CARE STL strives to avoid euthanasia whenever possible. Their save rate currently sits at 96%, qualifying CARE STL as a no-kill shelter. CARE works to save all adoptable and medically-treatable animals that enter their facility, and they are getting closer to that goal with every single adoption.

Currently, CARE STL operates out of their shelter space, but they have recently started work on another location that will serve both homeless pets and the greater St. Louis community. They hope to use animals to help underserved populations through programs focused on literacy for children, job preparedness for low-income students, and rehabilitation for ex-convicts. They have partnered with Scholastic to create a program in which young children can read to shelter dogs, and they’ve partnered with Meals on Wheels to transport food and veterinary care to low-income pet owners. Through community outreach and education, CARE STL is helping create a more caring community for the city’s people and pets.

If you’d like to help the animal population of St. Louis City, please consider donating to the renovation of CARE STL’s new facility or their existing shelter.

If you’d like to provide a safe, loving home for a pet in need, visit CARE STL.


Petropolis Pet Resort Has Helped Find Homes for Nearly 100 Pets Through 100 Dollars for 100 Dogs Campaign

ST. LOUIS, MO – March 20, 2019 – Since its launch on February 1st, Petropolis Pet Resort’s 100 Dollars for 100 Dogs campaign has helped find homes for 74 pets in the St. Louis Area.

During this campaign, dogs and cats adopted from participating shelters are sent home with a $50 gift certificate for Petropolis services. Petropolis then donates $50 to the shelter for every gift certificate that is redeemed.

St. Louis City has one of the largest animal shelter populations in the country, and more pets enter the system every single day. By adopting an animal from a shelter or rescue, new pet parents save a life and help make space for another pet to come off the street. Because of this, fewer pets are left in inhumane conditions and fewer adoptable animals are euthanized in shelters.

Petropolis Pet Resort is currently working with Gateway Pet Guardians, Tenth Life Cat Rescue, Five Acres Animal Shelter, Judy’s Forgotten Jewells, Speak! STL, Needy Paws Rescue, Tempo of the Dog Rescue, and CARE STL. All adoptable dogs and cats from these organizations are eligible for the program.

Not only does the 100 Dollars for 100 Dogs campaign help save lives, but it also helps new adopters get access to affordable, quality pet services. Like the shelters they partner with, Petropolis believes in keeping pets in loving homes. By offering grooming, training, daycare, and lodging services at a discount, Petropolis hopes to make pet parenthood a little bit easier for new adopters.

Should a shelter want to participate in the 100 Dollars for 100 Dogs campaign, contact Petropolis Pet Resort. For information about the campaign and participating shelters, visit